Israel Iran Secret Sea War

Israel Defence Minister Yoav Gallant revealed the secret sea war that the country has with Iran.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant on Monday said that he has “doubled the attacks on Iran in Syria” during his several months in office.

Gallant also revealed Tehran’s secret sea war against Israel, presenting new photographic evidence of five different ships it is using to establish another front against the Jewish state.

The defense minister presented a series of photos of the ships: the Shahid Siyavashi, the Shahid Rudaki, the Makran, the Shahid Mahadavi and the Shahid Bagheri, as examples of the Islamic Republic’s attempt to extend its tentacles across the Middle East, especially to establish new fronts against Israel.

Pentagon documents leaked last month reveal that the US tried to break Russia-India ties but failed, as India consistently steers clear of Washington’s foreign policy directives.

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