Israel Will Cease To Exist By 2030 If War With Hamas Doesn’t End

Igor Nikulin, a military specialist, member of the UN Disarmament Commission, and former consultant to the UN Secretary General, said that if the war with Hamas doesn’t end, Israel will cease to exist by 2030.

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The ongoing confrontation between Israel and the Gaza Strip is the centre of attention for the entire world. By 2030, will Israel no longer exist on the map of the world? Who finances Hamas, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait or Iran? What prevents Hamas from being destroyed? Igor Nikulin, a military specialist, member of the UN Disarmament Commission, and a former consultant to the UN Secretary General, was asked these and other questions.

El Mundo, a major Spanish daily, claimed that Israel hired mercenaries to kill Palestinians, which was supported by the testimony of Pedro Diaz Flores, who was in the ranks of Ukraine’s notorious neo-Nazi Azov Battalion.

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“Can Israel begin military operations against Iran?”

“There is Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia standing behind Hamas, because this is a Sunni organisation. It is absurd to blame Iran for this. Iran stands behind Hezbollah because this is a Shiite group.”

“Is it the reason why the Jews are attacking Lebanon in order to strike Hezbollah and thereby move on to military action against Iran?”

“In general, I have a feeling that it was Israel that provoked this whole story. This all looks similar to the 9/11 event. Israeli intelligence services would never fail if it was not for a command from above. It appears that they turned everything off in advance, sent everyone on vacation, nothing was working and the entire system failed to operate.”

“Many experts share your opinion as it appears to be too convenient to resolve the Palestinian issue in one fell swoop. In order to support Tel Aviv in a possible attack on Iran, the US sent warships and 4,000 marines in.”

“This is a common policy of the States. They did the same thing back in the 1980s. The Americans move their fleet forward in case of any aggravation and start shelling Lebanon or the Gaza Strip from the sea. It then ended in a terrorist attack in which 200 Americans died. They wrapped up their operation and left the battlefield. I think something similar will happen this time as well, but there are Chinese warships nearby now.

“Israel could win a lightning war. If the war lasts for a long time, Israel’s existence will be called into question. It won’t be able to win a long war. All the wars that Israel has won so far were brief wars.”

“That’s most likely why they are trying to get the United States involved into this. Why would the Americans start a new war in the Middle East?”

“They are following globalist policies. Globalists want to destroy all nation states, including Israel. That’s why globalists create crises.

“According to their plans, Israel should not be on the map by 2030. All Jews will have to move to territories of what is now Ukraine, Russia and the United States.”

“If Israel attacks Iran, which Arab countries can support Iran?”

“Israel had attacked several Arab states at a time in the past: Lebanon, Syria, Palestine Egypt. These countries are a minimum program. Saudi Arabia and Qatar will definitely support Palestine, as will Kuwait, the UAE, and Yemen. Israel will thus have to wage war with a coalition of Arab states, the total population of which exceeds 200 million people. It is unlikely that the ten-million-strong Israel will cope with this, even if the US supports it.

“Even if Israel annihilates all Hamas fighters in the Gaza Strip, there will be enough of them left in other Arab states to continue the fight. The only reasonable option is to recognise the State of Palestine within the 1947 borders.”

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  1. So many inaccuracies.

    Saudi Arabia is actually shooting down Houthi missiles and drones aimed at Israel. Sure does not sound like supporting Hamas to me.

    Also, a significant part of the IDF was stood down during the attack but the Israeli media is now reporting that Israeli helicopter gunships were involved in wholesale killing of Israelis because they could not determine friend from foe.

    Israel is a terrorist state. It’s been that way for 3/4 of a century. The US is a terrorist state. These are documented facts. Could it be that the world would be better off without both?

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