Israel Dropped Over 22,000 US-Made Bombs On Gaza Within Six Weeks

The Washington Post reported that Israel has dropped over 22,000 US-made bombs, including white phosphorus weapons, on Gaza within six weeks.

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Within the first six weeks of the war, the Israeli army dropped over 22,000 guided and unguided US-supplied bombs on the confined Gaza Strip, according to previously revealed intelligence numbers given to Congress and examined by the Washington Post.

Around 15,000 bombs, including 2,000-pound bunker busters, and over 50,000 155mm artillery shells were delivered by the Pentagon during the same period, killing roughly 20,000 Palestinians, more than half of whom were women and children.

Washington claims to have asked the Israeli government to adhere to international humanitarian law and take all reasonable precautions to prevent harm to civilians, but the weapons transfers have continued unhindered.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense reports that since October 7th, at least 200 cargo flights carrying guns, ammo, and armored vehicles have arrived in Israel from friendly nations.

Over 14,000 tank shells were sold to Israel last week by the White House without the consent of Congress. Additionally, the US has given Israel access to white phosphorus weapons that are prohibited globally and are deployed in Gaza and Lebanon.

In a speech at the Reagan National Defence Forum in Simi Valley, California Pentagon Chief Lloyd J. Austin III said that Israel could face strategic defeat if Palestinian civilians are not protected.

On October 16, white phosphorous was seen falling on the southern Lebanese village of Al-Dhahira, as seen in images and videos that Amnesty International authenticated.

“Israeli forces continued to shell the town with white phosphorus munitions for hours,” trapping residents in their homes until 7:00 AM the next day, locals told the Washington Post, adding that they now refer to that evening as the “black night.” 

The Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) reports that since the war started in October, Israel has used white phosphorous on southern Lebanon more than sixty times.

White phosphorous is highly dangerous since it can burn at very high temperatures and adhere to the skin. In the days after the attack, residents of Al-Dhahira stated that any remaining banned weapon would catch fire upon contact.

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