ISI Gave Amritpal Singh Bhindranwale Makeover In Georgia

ISI gave Amritpal Singh Bhindranwale training in Georgia before arriving in India in September 2022.

As Khalistan sympathiser and self-styled preacher Amritpal Singh continues to give the police the slip for more than three weeks now, fresh details have emerged about his visits to Georgia and alleged conspiracy with Pakistan’s ISI that unfolded there just before he arrived in India last year.

As per intelligence agencies, Amritpal Singh visited Georgia for training before arriving in India in September 2022. He was in Georgia from June 20, 2022 to August 18, 2022, claim officials. “He told his associates that he was in Georgia for eye surgery, but we believe he was given arms training by the ISI during the two months that he spent there,” an officer part of the investigation told News18.

The radical preacher has been on the run since the Punjab Police launched a crackdown on his Waris Punjab De outfit on March 18. Several of his associates have, however, been arrested by the police. The action followed the storming of the Ajnala police station by Amritpal and his supporters to secure the release of an arrested associate.

As per an Intelligence Bureau dossier accessed by News18, Amritpal had offered his services to the ISI for financial motive. “He was living in Dubai, which is the hub of ISI agents. Amritpal got in touch with them, got motivated due to the money offered, to challenge the Indian establishment,” the dossier said.

The interviews Amritpal Singh gave as part of his speeches supporting demands for Khalistan, an independent state for Sikhs, and his recent storming of a police station in Punjab in February explain why the Punjab Police are chasing him.

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  1. Amritpal was launched under radar and cloud cover. He used the same to vanish recently. He took a page from Modi’s book on warfare which is superior to SunZhu.

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