Iran Unveils New Drone Capable Of Reaching Israel

This week, Iran’s military revealed a new drone, claiming it matches the United States’ MQ-9 Reaper drone and can easily reach Iran’s main rival, Israel.

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Iran Unveils New Drone Capable Of Reaching Israel

Iran says the Mohajer-10 drone can stay in the air for 24 hours. They showcased it at the Defense Industry Day conference.

President Ebrahim Raisi inspected the drone in person at the conference. He praised it for showing Iran’s advanced technology to the world stating that it will “firmly introduce Iran as an advanced and technologic nation to the world.”

Reports from the region state that “the Islamic Republic’s media outlets claimed the drone can fly up to 24,000 feet at a speed of 210 kph, carrying a bomb payload of up to 300 kilograms. The drone can also allegedly hold electronic surveillance equipment and a camera.”

Some Western experts are unsure, especially about its resemblance to the MQ-9 Reaper. Steve Bucci, a former Pentagon official, said Iran tends to exaggerate, so he doubts it matches the Reaper’s capabilities.

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According to Al Jazeera, “media reports said the drone can travel non-stop at an altitude of 7,000 metres (4,350ft) for up to 2,000km (1,242 miles), meaning that it could reach Israel.”

While there is agreement about Iran’s proficient drone program, it’s important to note their drones are widely used by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Recently shared video from Iran’s state media:

Furthermore, Iran’s advanced ballistic missiles have been a topic of heated discussion, often connected to their nuclear program.

The National Security Council spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that Iran and Putin are planning to build a military drone factory inside Russia.

Inside Syria, Iran and Israel are indirectly fighting, with Israel launching air assaults on Syrian and Iranian military sites, particularly in Damascus and the southern regions.

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  1. Western powers have carried out acts of war against Iran since the CIA/MI6 overthrew the democratically elected Prime Minister in 1953 and installed a dictator. The Iranians reclaimed their country/desired political system in 1979 with the overthrow of the Shah and the establishment of a Islamic theocracy.

    Western colonial powers and Israel will rue the day the decided to fuck around with the Persians.

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