Inside Silicon Valley Sex Parties

Sex parties are not uncommon among a certain sector of tech executives and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

After it was revealed that Bob Lee — the tragically murdered founder of Cash App — reportedly indulged in “underground sex [and] drug parties,” sources said that he was just one of many Silicon Valley types to take part in a free-wheeling swingers’ scene.

Sources claim that the so-called “Lifestyle” — which is built around sexual openness, experimentation with drugs and a general sense of promiscuous behavior — is not uncommon among a certain sector of tech executives and entrepreneurs in the Bay Area.

One Silicon Valley insider recalled attending a regular sex bash popular with the high-tech crowd. Held in what seemed like a typical Bay Area warehouse, what went on there was anything but typical.

“On an upper level was a play space with mattresses inside and towels outside,” the insider told The Post. “It was like going to a tech party, except that everyone took off their clothes and went upstairs for sex.” 

Bob Lee
Murdered tech entrepreneur Bob Lee is said to have attended underground sex and drug parties.

The insider explained that, for at least some in attendance, it’s a whole new world.

“There is a viewpoint that the geeks who had turned into millionaires now have something open to them [opportunities for sex and drugs] in a way that it had not been before,” said the insider. “A lot of these folks were nerds.”

Now, the insider added, the onetime nerds are “rock stars” in their industry: “When there is money and access and power, it all goes together.”

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