Inside America’s Most Expensive Grocery Store

Erewhon, which is said to be America’s most expensive grocery store, is frequented by a host of celebrities, including musicians, authors, and the Kardashians.

A luxury grocery store is proving so popular with customers that some allegedly work multiple jobs just to afford its produce.

Erewhon, which is said to be America’s priciest grocery store, is frequented by a host of celebrities including musicians, authors, and the Kardashians.

But don’t expect to find typical grocery store prices. Although the Los Angeles-based chain sells everyday goods like dairy, fruit, and vegetables, the prices vary greatly from several supermarkets.

For instance, its online shop lists several bottles of water available for less than $2, but the scale also extends in the opposite direction.

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A 25.4 oz bottle of Ophora Water For Wellness Hyper Oxygnated will set you back $13.99 (£11) for instance; meanwhile, you can expect to pay $10.25 (£8) for a Tartine Half Whole Wheat Sliced Bread.

The LA-based chain is well-known ( Image: @erewhonmarket/instagram)
And loved by several celebrities ( Image: @erewhonmarket/instagram)

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