Indian Govt Says Vaccine Lobby Tried To Influence Elections Through WHO Report

In the latest development on W.H.O vs Indian Government face-off over COVID-19 deaths in India, sources hinted at vaccine lobby role in W.H.O report. The sources said that the vaccine lobby’s main aim was to influence state polls by W.H.O report.

Indian Govt Makes Sensational Charge Against Vaccine Lobby Behind WHO Report

A report by the WHO released last week claimed that there were an estimated 4.7 million deaths in India in 2020 and 2021, directly or indirectly attributable to the pandemic. The apex public health agency said that these numbers are the highest so far for any country and constitute around a third of the 15 million COVID-related deaths at the global scale.

This is in stark contrast to the official data from India. As of December 2021, India officially recorded around 4.8 lakh deaths related to COVID-19. As of May, India has officially over 5.2 lakh deaths. The WHO’s figure is around 10 times the government’s tally.

Indian officials have bristled at any estimate that exceeds the official count, questioning researchers’ methodology.

Meanwhile, western media outlets including the New York Times, Foreign Policy Magazine and others have launched a coordinated attack on India.

Recently, even Bloomberg tried to stoke tensions between India and Russia. Despite pressure from the US and European partners, India has refused to abandon its energy partnership with Moscow as oil prices rise. Recently, India was forced to slam Bloomberg for causing tensions amidst India-Russia oil deal.

Watch news report below:

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  1. What is the motivation of the W.H.O.? It is certainly not what they claim, they are not at all interested in improving our health. In fact, their mission is quite the opposite. They should change their name to the World Health Oppressors. On wait, that would be honest and we all know they are not about that at all.

  2. How do these organizations collect data should be a matter of concern, Irrespective of their claim being true or not, their “report” at this time shows how data can be used to the advantage of those who have it.

  3. WHO’s major share holder is Gates, when you add up Gavi ,which he owns as well and their phony foundation they have they majority of shares. It is a privately owned entity . Dangerous company.

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