Illegals Cost U.S. Taxpayers $163 Billion Every Year

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released its annual report stating that Illegal immigrants cost U.S. taxpayers $163 billion every year.

The nation’s illegal alien population has hit nearly 17 million, an increase of more than two million since President Joe Biden began implementing his Catch and Release network at the United States–Mexico border, an analysis reveals.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) released its annual report estimating the size of the illegal alien population residing in the United States.

Based on the latest Census Bureau data, FAIR researchers found that there are at least 16.8 million illegal aliens now living in American communities — an increase of 2.3 million illegal aliens since Biden took office in January 2021 and an increase of 1.3 million illegal aliens since the same time last year.

Chart via Federation for American Immigration Reform

As the illegal alien population skyrockets under Biden, so do the costs to Americans.

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“Along with the sharp increase in the illegal alien population comes [sic] sharp increases in costs to American taxpayers,” researchers note:

The unprecedented rate of influx of new illegal aliens over the past year would add $12.6 billion annually to the costs of illegal immigration, bringing the cumulative net cost to at least $163 billion a year. At the current pace of illegal immigration, the annual net cost will exceed $200 billion by 2026. [Emphasis added]

“… [T]he fiscal and social burdens of the Biden administration’s sabotage of our immigration enforcement policies are unsustainable,” FAIR President Dan Stein said in a statement.

Bloomberg reported that NYC Mayor Eric Adams plans to cut services for New Yorkers so that migrants can stay in hotels free of charge.

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