Is Robert Iger Selling Disney To Apple?

According to recent rumors surrounding a potential transaction, it seems that CEO Robert Iger is selling Disney to Apple.

Is Robert Iger Selling Disney To Apple?

In a surprising turn of events, Bob Iger, who was recently reinstated as the CEO of Disney, is rumored to be contemplating the sale of the company. This speculation comes in light of Disney’s current financial situation, which has raised concerns among industry insiders.

Disney’s remarkable ascent to the forefront of the entertainment industry, bolstered by strategic acquisitions such as Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm, makes the notion of a potential sale all the more startling. However, according to reports from Bloomberg, Iger is reportedly exploring the possibility of divesting Disney entirely.

These rumors gained traction as Iger initiated the sale of the company’s television assets. It appears that Disney’s ambitious streaming endeavors, including Hulu and Disney Plus, have fallen short of expectations. In fact, projections indicate that the company’s streaming business may have incurred losses of approximately $800 million during the recently concluded third quarter.

One particularly intriguing speculation suggests that Apple could be a prospective buyer for Disney. While it is difficult to fathom Iger parting ways with Disney, given his reputation as a builder rather than a seller, the current situation appears to necessitate a different approach.

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Numerous insiders have acknowledged hearing similar rumors and have offered their insights on the matter, as outlined below:

While such a significant transaction would undoubtedly take time to materialize, considering the recent large-scale mergers involving companies like MGM and Warner Bros, the possibility of Disney’s sale does not seem entirely far-fetched. The outcome remains uncertain, and we can only wait and see what unfolds in the future.

Another possible reason for the sale could be the recent loss of Disney. The Walt Disney Company is looking at an almost $900 million loss following a series of woke flops at the box office.

According to an analysis by Valliant Renegade, which aims to look at the business and financial side of Hollywood, the last eight studio releases put out by the company have not performed as well as expected. 

However, it is undeniable that if Apple were to acquire Disney, it would bestow upon them a substantial advantage in the streaming industry. The addition of coveted properties such as Marvel and Star Wars to their catalog would be a game-changer. Furthermore, the implications for the technological landscape would be profound and far-reaching.

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