IBM Employee Who Has Been On Leave For 15 Years Sues Company For Not Raising His Salary

According to a report by The Telegraph, Ian Clifford, an IBM employee who has been on leave for 15 years due to a disability, is suing the company for not raising his salary.

An IBM employee attempted to sue the company on grounds of discrimination and not increasing his salary in the last 15 years. But there’s more to this story. The employee, named Ian Clifford, has not been to work since September 2008 as he has been on a sick leave. Working as a Senior IT worker in the company’s office in the UK, Clifford argued that his employer is ‘discriminating’ against him as he did not get a pay rise in the last 15 years.

Even though Clifford is an IBM employee, he is under no obligation to work for the company since he was put on IBM’s disability plan in 2013, a Telegraph report reveals.

Talking of his salary, IBM’s health plan guarantees Clifford a salary of over 54,000 pounds (Rs 55,30,556) per year until he is 65 years old. However, he thinks this is not ‘generous enough’ because over time his salary will be worth less due to inflation.

Additionally, Clifford first went on sick leave in September 2008 and raised a grievance in 2013, which led to him being put onto IBM’s disability plan. This plan ensures that a person who is unable to work is not dismissed, but remains an employee and is paid 75 percent of agreed earnings until recovery, retirement, or death if earlier. Moreover, the employee is not under any obligation to work.

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In Clifford’s case, his agreed salary was 72,037 pounds, meaning he would be paid 54,028 pounds per year after a 25 percent deduction.

The Telegraph report also states that in February 2022, Clifford had taken IBM to an employment tribunal claiming that he was being discriminated against due to his disability. Apart from saying that he was treated ‘unfavourably’, the IBM employee said taht there was no salary increase or holiday entitlement for him in comparison to other employees who would be getting their full salary during holidays.

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