‘I Can Go Into Anyone’s House At Any Time’: Judiciary Committee Investigates IRS Agent Threatening Taxpayer

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan calls for an investigation into an IRS agent who allegedly threatened a taxpayer by saying, “I can go into anyone’s house at any time.” The agent visited the home of a taxpayer residing in Marion, Ohio.

The Internal Revenue Service building is seen in Washington, D.C., on July 22, 2013. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

An IRS agent used a fake identity to approach and threaten a taxpayer, following which House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) sent a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel seeking further information on the incident.

The incident occurred on April 25, 2023, when an IRS agent identifying as “Bill Haus” with the agency’s Criminal Division visited the home of a taxpayer residing in Marion, Ohio, according to the June 16 letter (pdf). The agent initially lied to the taxpayer that he was visiting with regard to her improper estate filings and that she owed a “substantial amount” to the IRS. Before his visit, the taxpayer had not received any notification from the tax agency regarding unpaid dues on the estate.

After the taxpayer showed proof that she had paid all taxes for the estate, agent Haus then said that the true purpose of his visit was not related to the estate but that the taxpayer allegedly had several delinquent tax return filings. He then proceeded to provide documents for the taxpayer to fill out—including submitting sensitive personal information.

The taxpayer immediately called her attorney, who asked Agent Haus to leave her home. The agent responded aggressively, insisting that “I am an IRS agent, I can be at and go into anyone’s house at any time I want to be.”

Before leaving her home, Haus “threatened” the taxpayer that she had one week to pay off her dues, failing which he would freeze her assets and put a lien on her home, the letter notes. In May, the taxpayer contacted Haus’ supervisor, who subsequently resolved the matter. On May 30, she received a letter from the IRS stating that her case had been closed.

The committee asked the IRS commissioner to provide certain documents so that it could examine “how to best protect Americans’ fundamental freedoms and to assist the Committee in its oversight.” The documents are to be submitted by June 30.

The committee is seeking all documents and communications related to Haus’ visit to the taxpayer together with IRS’ reasons for conducting the field visit. Documents and communications between the IRS, Treasury, and any other executive branch related to the visit need to be submitted as well.

The judiciary committee also wants all materials sent or received by the agent related or referring to the taxpayer, the MPD officer, or the estate as part of the investigation.

A lawsuit in federal court challenging the censorship-industrial complex, as journalist Michael Shellenberger has described it, exposes the government-led information war to censor what Americans think.

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