Ex Girlfriend Weed Slut 420 Gives 5 Hours Of Secret Testimony To Hunter Biden Grand Jury

Zoe Kestan who is the ex-girlfriend of Hunter Biden with the online moniker weed slut 420 gives five hours of secret testimony to the grand jury in Wilmington.

Ex Girlfriend Weed Slut 420 Gives 5 Hours Of Secret Testimony To Hunter Biden Grand Jury

According to The Washington Post, a grand jury deliberating evidence in the Hunter Biden tax investigation heard nearly five hours of secret testimony from an ex-girlfriend who is enraged she was discarded after encouraging him to stop using narcotics.

Zoe Kestan, 28, testified in front of the panel on Tuesday in Wilmington, Del., according to a sourse familiar with her testimony.

According to the source, her appearance on the witness stand occurred right after that of the former stripper with whom Biden, 52, had an out-of-wedlock kid.

During 2018, when they were seen visiting art exhibit openings and parties on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, Kestan — a lingerie and textile designer who goes by the online moniker “weed slut 420” — was quizzed about Biden’s movements and spending habits, according to the source.

According to the insider, specific queries included what hotels Biden stayed at and if Kestan understood where his money came from.

According to the source, Kestan testified about staying with Biden at high-end hotels such as the Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo, and Soho Grand in Manhattan, as well as the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad, and Jeremy West Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Kestan recounted a month-long stay at LA’s celebrity-friendly Chateau Marmont, the site of former “Saturday Night Live” actor John Belushi’s deadly overdose in 1982, according to the source.

It’s also where Biden claimed to “learned how to cook crack” before being “blacklisted” due to drug-related complaints over a five-month period in 2018, according to his 2021 book, “Beautiful Things.”

According to the source, Kestan stated that Biden told her to withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs and handed her cash to buy clothing, lunches, and other goods, but she had no clue how he got the money.

Although Biden did not mention Kestan by name in his memoir, in October, a 48-minute audio recording between the two of them was made public.

The recording’s origin is unknown, although it appears to merge two talks that took place at different periods.

“One of my flaws, one of my devilish sides, is that I like to talk about things like you because I like to show off, Duh,” Kestan, who is approximately the same age as Biden’s eldest daughter, stated on the recording.

“Do you think that the night that we had sex I wasn’t texting like three people being like: I’m lying in bed with this incredible man?” she stated.

According to the source, federal investigators tracked down Kestan at her New York City residence and served her with a subpoena to testify before a grand jury, claiming her name had come up during their investigation.

In December 2020, about a month after his father, Joe Biden, was elected president but before he took office, Biden revealed that federal prosecutors in Delaware were “investigating my tax affairs,” and he told CBS News in April that he was “being completely cooperative” but denied seeking a plea deal.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer and the United States Attorney’s Office in Delaware did not respond to calls for comment. Kestan remained silent.

Hunter Biden’s dubious international business operations are apparently being investigation. JPMorgan Chase Bank was asked to give over data pertaining to any transactions involving him and the Bank of China, according to a partial copy of a subpoena that leaked last month.

The Daily Mail reported on Tuesday that Lunden Roberts, who successfully fought Hunter Biden for paternity of her 3-year-old daughter, was pictured exiting the federal courtroom in Wilmington after testifying before a grand jury for many hours.

According to the Mail, Roberts refused to comment on her closed-door testimony.

Hunter Biden evidently impregnated Roberts shortly before meeting Kestan, whose birthday was two days before Roberts’ daughter was born, and he never told her anything about Roberts or their kid, according to a person acquainted with Kestan’s testimony.

Roberts was a stripper at a Washington, DC, nightclub that Hunter Biden attended during the time he was dating his late brother Beau’s widow, sister-in-law Hallie Biden, according to Page Six.

Hunter Biden stated in his biography that he had “no recollection” of his “encounter” with Roberts, adding, “I was a mess, but a mess I’ve taken responsibility for.”

Hunter Biden married his second wife, Melissa Cohen, after a brief six-day romance in May 2019, and Kestan felt “super-crazy” about it, according to the source.

Hunter Biden’s sobriety and new job as a painter are credited to Kestan, who was “with him at the craziest point of his life” and persuaded him that “art was a great way to see a hopeful future, rather than using drugs,” according to the source.

According to the source, Kestan also feels “ditched” after a relationship in which Hunter Biden — whose son with Cohen, Beau Jr., turns one next month — was “adamant” that she take birth control.

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