Federal Investigation To Bring Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden

A federal investigation is set to bring criminal charges against Hunter Biden. Although, the attempt to hide Joe Biden’s role in Hunter’s business activities is also evident.

Federal Investigation To Bring Criminal Charges Against Hunter Biden

According to CNN, investigations into Hunter Biden’s business transactions and alleged false statements over the acquisition of a gun have approached a “critical juncture,” and the Department of Justice is considering pressing charges against him.

According to sources, the investigation has become more serious recently “with discussions among Delaware-based prosecutors, investigators running the probe and officials at Justice Department headquarters.”

Despite the fact that no final judgment has been reached, the idea of dismissing Hunter’s charges would violate a long-standing rule not to bring politically sensitive matters near to an election.

Discussions recently have centered around possibly bringing charges that could include alleged tax violations and making a false statement in connection with Biden’s purchase of a firearm at a time he would have been prohibited from doing so because of his acknowledged struggles with drug addiction.

Adding to the pressure, Republicans in Congress have already announced that if they take over the House of Representatives after the midterm elections, they plan to launch new investigations and hold hearings to examine the conduct of Hunter Biden and others in the Biden family.


The discussion about whether to file the lawsuit this close to the midterm elections has centered on Joe Biden’s absence from the ballot.

The DOJ investigation initially concentrated on Hunter Biden’s financial and business dealings while his father was vice president, but according to numerous sources, investigators had broadened their inquiry to look into possible money laundering, campaign finance, tax, and foreign lobbying laws violations as well as possible violations of federal firearm and other laws by Hunter and his associates.

Since the accusations have been reduced to tax and firearm-related offenses, the Biden family is likely to escape criticism for questionable business operations that took advantage of Joe Biden’s position of authority and that Joe Biden demonstrably lied about discussing with Hunter.

Then Hunter is excused from all of this?

Two of the younger Biden’s acquaintances testified before a grand jury last fall about a dubious, now-bankrupt Chinese energy company connected to the notorious “10 for the big guy” from Hunter’s emails, CBS News’ Catherine Herridge reported in March.

“Federal officials are looking at his foreign business dealings, including his ties to a Chinese energy company,” said “CBS Mornings” host Tony Dokoupil.

“The investigation began as a tax inquiry years ago and has expanded into a federal probe involving the FBI and IRS,” Herridge added. “A source familiar with the investigation now tells CBS News, two men who worked with Hunter Biden when his father was Vice President were called to the grand jury last fall.”

Records and congressional papers seen by CBS indicate that the federal government is looking into “multiple financial transactions involving an energy company called CEFC. Republicans accuse the business of being an arm of the Chinese government. In 2017, the year Joe Biden left the Vice Presidency, a $1 million retainer was signed with a Chinese energy company for Hunter Biden’s services as a lawyer.

“His client, a CEFC official, Patrick Ho, was later convicted on international bribery and money laundering charges on unrelated work in Africa.”

CEFC was the company where the Bidens reportedly accepted a $5 million interest-free loan that infuriated their business partner, Tony Bobulinski, who turned against the Bidens after a Senate report revealed the $5 million “loan.”

The former Biden insider claims that Hunter introduced him to Joe Biden, and that they met for an hour to discuss Joe’s business plans with the Chinese. He claims that Joe was “plainly familiar at least at a high level.” with these ideas.

The attempt to hide Joe Biden’s role in Hunter’s business activities is also evident in texts from Bobulinski, and Tony has confirmed that the “Big guy” mentioned in a leaked email is none other than Joe Biden.

 “You can imagine my shock when reading the report yesterday put out by the Senate committee. The fact that you and HB were lying to Rob, James and I while accepting $5 MM from Cefc is infuriating,” wrote Bobulinski to Jim Biden. (Via the Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross):

According to an email from Biden business associate James Gilliar to Bobulinksi, CEFC was paying Hunter $850,00 annually. This communication is apparently the basis of the “10 held by H for the big guy” email.

According to emails published by the New York Post, Hunter “pursued lucrative deals involving China’s largest private energy company — including one that he said would be “interesting for me and my family.”” according to the report.

Interestingly, but undoubtedly not by coincidence, the Clinton Foundation received a donation from CEFC that ranged between $50,001 and $100,000.

Yes, let us pay attention to Hunter’s problems with guns and tax evasion.

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  1. My main complaint has been unavailability of Hunter’s art in more affordable form (coffee-table book or poster). It’s tough for me to swallow a Hunter indictment in Delaware, where Joe is arguably a patron saint and the most powerful politician in state history. If some Federal prosecutor wanted to commit professional suicide with an actual charge, the President would have a gift-wrapped excuse to pardon Hunter and resign–as a loving father who couldn’t stand prison for his troubled but repentant son. I’ll be surprised if there’s anything more than public threats and a private fine; Joe has served more special interests than any president since LBJ.

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