Hunt For Pentagon Leaker

The hunt for the Pentagon leaker has reached the Pentagon, as the leak covers such a wide range of topics that experts suggest the main source could be an American.

Top secret documents leaked online containing classified information on Ukraine’s counter-offensive plans could have been an inside job, senior officials have claimed.

They set out concerns on how Kyiv‘s armed forces are running short on some weapons, the location of Ukrainian air defenses, and the extent to which the Biden administration spies on friends and foes alike.

The documents, which have been circulated for weeks on social media, also touch on Israel’s Mossad spy agency, China, the Middle East and Africa.

The leak covers such a wide range of topics, prompting experts to suggest that the main source could be an American.   

‘The focus now is on this being a US leak, as many of the documents were only in US hands,’ Michael Mulroy, an ex-senior Pentagon official, told the Reuters news agency.   

Kyiv-based security analyst James Rushton said that ‘the Russians are clearly the main beneficiaries’ from the leak.

‘It’s a major embarrassment to the US, and it comes at a critical time as Ukraine is preparing to launch their long-awaited Spring counteroffensive,’ he told

‘Kyiv was already cautious about sharing their operational plans with Washington; this will likely further damage intelligence sharing between Ukraine and Western partners at a crucial moment,’ he added.

US officials have not ruled out pro-Russian elements behind the leak, although the investigation by the Justice Department is still in its early stages. 

It is the most serious intelligence security breach in the United States since WikiLeaks obtained some 700,000 documents, videos and diplomatic cables in 2013. 

The Ukraine leaks are a series of photographs of presentations and files printed on A4 paper, folded twice, perhaps to be smuggled out of a secure area. 

Images circulating on Telegram, a popular messaging app, reveal the leaker’s identity. This picture shows an English-language instruction manual for a hunting scope in the background.

A senior Biden administration official said that Ukraine war plans have been leaked, which has prompted a Pentagon investigation.

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