How World Will Look In 2050, According To Experts

When asked about the world in 2050, some experts fear that AI will have enslaved humans or that climate change will have rendered large parts of the world uninhabitable.

Futurists of the 1990s predicted that we’d be living underwater or riding flying cars by this point — but now experts are warning of a much scarier future. spoke to tech gurus who predicted how the world will look in 2050 — and some fear AI will have enslaved humans or climate change will have made large swathes of the world uninhabitable.

Other predictions include making contact with aliens — but whether or not that’s a bad thing remains unknown. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, though, with technology expected to have made the afterlife possible.

Below are eight things that will have happened by the mid-point of this century – both for good and bad:

By 2050, AI will have had a profound impact on society – possibly even taking over to become the dominant species

Extinction Rebellion, a group focused on climate activism, holds the belief that humanity is facing possible extinction in the next century or sooner, leading some to characterize it as a “cult of the climate apocalypse”.

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