How To Open A Laundromat Business With No Money In 2023

You can open a laundromat with little to no money down by applying for a business grant or starting a laundry business from home and building your profits for investment and development. Here’s how to open a laundromat business with no money in 2023.

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How To Open A Laundromat Business With No Money In 2023

How To Start A Business

Planning, crucial financial decisions, and a number of legal procedures must all be completed before a business may be founded. Here’s how to start a business in just 10 steps.

Launch your Laundromat business

Launch your Laundromat business

Launching a laundromat business can be an excellent way to earn a good, consistent income without making a large initial investment. Due to the increased demand for self-service laundry facilities, laundromats can produce substantial profits even outside of normal business hours.

Owners of laundromats may provide services like WiFi, TVs, and vending machines to entice consumers. Some even include coffee shops or game rooms where patrons may pass the time while waiting for their clothes.

Before you reach this point, there are many things to consider, so keep reading to find out how to start a laundromat business from scratch.

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Are Laundromats Profitable?

Are Laundromats Profitable

As an entrepreneur, it is critical to weigh the risks and potential returns of a new business, including laundromats.

The goal is to choose a year-round business. Additionally, one of the best passive investments that may survive a recession is a laundry.

How lucrative is a laundromat then?

How lucrative is a laundromat then

According to the Coin Laundry Association, laundromats generate a yearly cash flow of between $15,000 and $300,000.

Given that there are about 35,000 laundromats in the world, each with a market worth of between $50,000 and $1 million, this is a quite respectable revenue. Laundromats, sometimes known as co-ops laundries, are widely believed to be extremely profitable.

However, you need to take into account the following factors before you start daydreaming about the money you will soon earn:

Location of Your Laundry Business

Location of Your Laundry Business

One of the most important variables in deciding your success is the location of your laundromat. Look for a high-traffic location with a mix of residential and commercial establishments, particularly near a major intersection.

Consider the competition in the region before opening a laundromat. If there are already multiple laundromats in the area, it will be difficult to make yours stand out.

Another important thing to consider is the area’s demographics. The median income and age group of the people will help you determine if this is the proper target market for your business.

Generally speaking, rather than affluent neighborhoods, you should focus on residential areas where young people rent homes. After all, those with lesser incomes who reside in smaller apartments are less likely to possess their own equipment, so it is advantageous to be nearby your target market.

Make sure your shop is close to major roads for quick and simple access, that you have plenty of parking space, and that your signage is visible.



It is crucial to research your rivals. You must be aware of the services and costs that your rivals offer.

For instance, you might discover that your rival does not provide folding services, which would allow you to profit from the same situation. For a seamless operation, competitor analysis also enables you to understand about work ethics and client expectations.



You must take into account a number of costs while calculating the approximate cost to open a laundromat.

First off, among your biggest monthly expenses will be your electricity and water bills. To minimize these, you must have extremely effective, energy-saving washers and dryers. However, purchasing these devices entails a substantial upfront commitment; therefore, leasing them might be preferable.

The price of fabric softener, detergent, and other laundry needs must also be taken into account. Finding a wholesale vendor who can give you a discount for purchasing in quantity is crucial because the cost of these items can mount up rapidly. Obviously, do not overlook the price of buying or renting a commercial premises.

Last but not least, if you intend to provide additional services like laundry folding or pick-up and delivery, you will need to think about paying your employees. You must choose which supplemental services are worthwhile if you want to launch a coin-operated laundry business.



The basis of laundromat companies are the washing and drying of laundry. While these are the sole services that laundromats typically provide, some may additionally offer folding and ironing.

To increase their laundromat company profit, some further offer pick-up and delivery services for a fee. Such a tactic may be a terrific method to draw in customers who value convenience and are strapped for time.

Of course, in order to do this, you would need to hire part-time or even full-time employees, whereas a typical laundromat might be run without any regular personnel. If you are thinking about it, do a cost-benefit analysis to see whether the possible profit from this service justifies the investment.



Another crucial element in running a laundromat is developing a successful marketing plan. To increase awareness, you can use a variety of platforms, such as social media, billboards, and TV advertising.

The most crucial aspect is making sure your marketing plan is consistent with your company’s entire branding so that potential clients can quickly recognize and remember you.

Naturally, word-of-mouth advertising will be quite important in promoting your laundromat. Offering excellent service—which we know you will—is the best approach to get people talking about your company!

Choose Channels for Advertising Purposes Carefully

Choose Channels for Advertising Purposes Carefully

If you start or purchase a laundromat with no money, you will need a consistent source of income to pay off your debt and guarantee overall profitability. Because of this, it is crucial to pay attention to the media outlets that your target audience uses.

For instance, younger and middle-aged persons are more likely to be found on social media, whereas elderly people are more likely to obtain knowledge through watching television. It might be beneficial to spend in creating a professional-looking website for your company because it gives you a more credible appearance and may improve your search engine ranking.



Owning a coin laundry is an excellent way to be your own employer. This, however, means that all decisions and management must begin and conclude with you.

Even if you have personnel, regular visits to your laundromat are required to ensure cleanliness and to address any concerns that may emerge.

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