How to Buy a Suitable Knee Cushion

Several sleepers turn to knee cushions to boost comfort while sleeping. Knee cushions are small cushions that fit under or between the knees. Using a knee pillow can promote proper spinal alignment, thus reducing back and hip pain. A knee pillow with a strap sticks well between your knees, serving this purpose well. There are various knee cushions in the market, meaning you can find a suitable product. However, this makes it tough to determine which cushion suits you. Below are some points of consideration when buying a cushion.

Support and firmness level

In knee pillows, the support provided is directly connected to their firmness and thickness level. Thicker, softer products can suit bigger, weightier persons, while thinner, softer cushions can give sufficient support to lightweight persons. Unlike mattresses that have a firmness rating, knee cushion manufacturers typically state the firmness of their products in words. Try out a pillow to conclude if its firmness suits you. Also, perusing customer reviews from pillow owners of a comparable construction to the one you’re considering can enable you to obtain quality products.

Your sleeping style

The best knee pillow depends on how you sleep. If you doze on your side, an hourglass-shaped cushion suits you most. It makes it straightforward to rest the cushion comfortably between your knees, providing you with the support you require. Back sleepers are okay with a half-moon or rectangular cushion. You’ll have to rest the cushion beneath the bend of your knees to get the best possible spine alignment. This cushion might be unsuitable for stomach sleepers. However, if they have issues like knee pain, sciatica, and hip pain, a flatter cushion under your pelvis and abdomen can help rectify your spinal alignment.


When purchasing a knee cushion, you should consider the cover and filling materials. The best cushions are made from high-density memory foam as it provides a pillow that’s robust enough to stand up your body weight. Some fabrics hold more body heat, so some alternatives are filled with cooling gel to keep you cold. When choosing fillings, you should thus consider if you sleep cold or hot and its durability. Also, consider the pillow’s cover. Ensure the cover material is non-slip so it can stick between your knees. Besides, select a pillow with removable and machine washable covers so you can clean them fast whenever you want.

Pricing, return policy, and warranty

When looking for a knee pillow, it is crucial to consider the pricing, warranty, and return policy.

  1. Pricing: Durability, material, brand reputation, and size are the factors that majorly influence the price of knee cushions. 
  2. Return policy: Some knee pillow with strap provide sleep trials, which allow clients to test out the cushion for a specific period and – if they’re discontented – return it for a refund before the expiry of the trial period. Sleep trials are a great way of trying out various products without purchasing. However, not all manufacturers provide return policies due to hygienic reasons, the reason you should check this before buying.
  3. Warranty: Good brands offer warranties for their products. Warranties help protect clients from manufacturer defects. 

Knee cushions are a simple way to enhance the quality of your sleep. If you have knee problems, struggle with sciatica, experience muscle pain or soreness, or just are not getting as peaceful a night’s sleep as you’d desire, a knee pillow with a strap can make a huge difference. You should get the right cushion to benefit the most.

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