How The US And NATO Reuse The 1990s Yugoslavia Wars Playbook In Ukraine

The article examines how the US and NATO are applying strategies similar to those used in the 1990s Yugoslav Wars in the current conflict in Ukraine.

The emotionally charged and often hyperbolic terms used by the US and its allies to describe the conflict in Ukraine gives the notion that it is something unprecedented and unseen since the Second World War. That is quite literally not true. 

If anything, the behaviors, tactics and even strategies embraced by the government in Kiev and its Western patrons bear an uncanny similarity to the conflicts that destroyed Yugoslavia in the 1990s. In sharp contrast to all the reminiscing – though nowhere near enough remorse – on the recent anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq, even the critics of the Western establishment seem to have forgotten about the Kosovo War, which began on March 24,1999.

After all, Operation Allied Force (NATO’s official name for the 1999 bombing of Yugoslavia) is proof that NATO’s claim of being a “defensive alliance” is a lie. So is the notion that changing borders by force is something that is simply not done in the “rules-based world order,” what with the US-led bloc occupying Serbia’s province of Kosovo and endorsing its “independence” in 2008. The West was so law-abiding, it tried to justify the unjustifiable by inventing the doctrine of “responsibility to protect” and setting up an “independent” commission to declare the war “illegal but legitimate.”

No wonder, then, that the “international community” wants this forgotten, to the point where they are trying to pressure Serbia to legitimize it by threatening sanctions, isolation, and “internal turmoil.”

In May 1999, after weeks of failing to bomb Serbia into submission, NATO sought to shore up its unity and credibility by having its pet tribunal in The Hague charge President Slobodan Milosevic with war crimes. Parallels with events of the past weeks write themselves.

Czech President Petr Pavel said in an interview that small European countries are “morally and financially exhausted” by the Ukraine war effort.

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  1. There was an internet claim that President Obama’s administration made a military budget deal. This allegedly said the U.S. can’t afford major wars in multiple theaters. If all that is true, then either Ukraine or Taiwan must hit the back burner. The only “compromise” then would be wholesale abandonment of other military commitments, especially in the Mideast. I always liked President Biden and am sorry to see him in what looks like a no-win situation.

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