How Many People Were Killed By Remdesivir

Drawing on a 1914 World War 1 poem, “Age and infirmity did weaken them and the State did condemn”

I posted an article about Remdesivir back in September 2022 here:

Criminal Prosecutions begin for Remdesivir treatments causing death (

Which referenced this article by Epoch Times:

‘Uninformed Consent’: 3 California Hospitals Face Lawsuits for Use of ‘Remdesivir Protocol’ Attorneys Allege Led to Wrongful Death (

“Watkins said they filed the lawsuits on the behalf of 14 Fresno-area families who allege that the hospitals engaged in medical deception and failed to provide informed consent in relating the potential side effects, such as kidney failure.”

I cannot find any updates on the trial – maybe it has been settled out of court, maybe it is pending and has failed the “justice delayed, is justice denied” doctrine.

Suffice to say, the Federal government provided massive incentives for the designation and treatment of C19 patients in this way:

  • Outpatient average treatment costs = $3,200
  • Hospitalized as a complex non-CoVID-19 patient average charge = $111,000
  • Hospitalized and treated as a complex CoVID-19 patient (intubation/ICU) average charge = $450,000

Of course, the Lancet thinks Remdesivir is just fantastic:

Remdesivir saves lives. Were 3 years needed to learn that? (

“On top of these charges, the hospitals get a bonus from the government by way of the International Classification of Diseases code that allows them to charge an extra 20 percent on the entire hospital stay, adding $90,000 to the $450,000.”

I would not be surprised to find that hospitals, faced with wards emptied to prepare for C19 cases, made full use of these perverse and murderous incentives (approved by Birx, Fauci, Collins, Pence and ultimately, Trump?) to survive financially.

I would also not be surprised if more than half of C19 deaths in 2020 were caused by the Remdesivir protocol. It is not called “Run Death is Near” by medical staff for nothing.

Meaning the temptation of classify cases as C19, using the faulty Drosten RT-PCR test multiple times until positive was overwhelming. Triage was used as justification for the Remdesivir protocol, combined with fear of catching what was never a disease with an Infection Fatality rate of more than one in 1,000 for those under 70 and even one in 20 for those older?

Would nutrition, vitamins combined with an HCQ or IVM protocol have cured those that died whilst on the Remdesivir protocol? Would medics have prescribed it instead had they been given the choice?

The lawsuit brought these allegations:

“Lawsuits were filed against three California health care providers on grounds they used failed Ebola drug Remdesivir on patients without obtaining informed consent, resulting in the wrongful deaths of several patients, as claimed by two attorneys.”

Here is a description of the Remdesivir protocol:

“A patient comes to the hospital often for a problem unrelated to COVID-19,” the lawsuit says. “They are told they have COVID-19 or ‘COVID pneumonia.. From there, they are separated from loved ones and placed in a room where they are told remdesivir is the only option, the lawsuit says.”

“They are placed on a BiPap machine at a high rate, making it difficult for them to breathe,” the lawsuit says. “Their hands are often tied down so they can’t take the BiPap machine off their face.”

“In many cases, the lawsuit says a psychiatrist will determine the patient agitated, which results in the sedation of the patient, making it difficult for them to fight the side effects of remdesivir, especially as it relates to their ability to breathe against the side effects and against the BiPap machine.”

“Their phone and the signalling instrument for the nurse are typically placed beyond their reach,” the lawsuit alleges. The patients are also kept malnourished, and eventually intubated, the lawsuit states, where the patient then dies. It takes a ‘protocol patient’ about nine days to die on average,” the lawsuit states.”

Horrific. Murder by healer in the most evil and malicious way – watching a patient die from your callous actions.

There were always doubts about the use of Remdesivir.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the topic, read more about it here.

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  1. We call them healers, but it’s a con. They are executioners.
    I practice the Christian Science religion.
    We heal all our ills using prayer alone.
    When the doctors give up and people come to Christian Science, they are healed, even from mental illness. Doctors and Nurses who are healed, never go back to practice modern allopathic medicine again. It is a fraud.

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