We Will Never Know How Many People Died Of COVID

Wide disparities in excess mortality estimates show not only how challenging the calculations are, but also how far we still have to go in accurately tracking deaths. We will never know how many people died of COVID.

We Will Never Know How Many People Died Of COVID

Too many fatalities worldwide continue to go unreported, therefore we will never be able to determine the precise number of individuals the COVID-19 pandemic has claimed. However, statistical models predict that COVID-19 will surpass coronary heart disease as the main cause of mortality globally in 2021. This conclusion is drawn from estimations of excess mortality, or fatalities that exceed expected levels, rather than from official COVID-19 figures.

Following the release of their initial numbers earlier this year (read below), World Health Organization (WHO)-affiliated researchers this week publish further information on their calculations of excess mortality during the pandemic in Nature1. According to the statistics, excess mortality during 2020 and 2021 was approximately 2.7 times higher than the official death toll, with between 13.2 million and 16.6 million deaths, with 14.8 million deaths being the most likely estimate.

In reality, this seems to be considerably more conservative than other projections. The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME), a global health-research center at the University of Washington in Seattle, reported2 in March a range of 17.1 million to 19.6 million additional deaths between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021, with 18.2 million being the most likely figure. The Economist magazine’s team employs a machine-learning technique to provide a regularly updated statistic that was initially around 18 million but is now about 16 million (see go.nature.com/3d5bpc3).

The WHO expects that excess mortality will be between 9 million and 12 million in 2021; fatalities from coronary heart disease are estimated to be around 8.9 million in 2019, the most recent year for which estimations are available. These additional deaths include those associated to the pandemic indirectly, such as ailments that health-care systems could have been able to manage if not for COVID-19-related interruption.

Demographers and data researchers who conduct research on excess mortality are among the first to note that their attempts cannot be more than approximations. Since many nations do not gather or publicly release timely mortality data, statistics must be extrapolated from regional values or survey estimates, or models must be developed based on what is known about the severity of the pandemic in these countries, containment measures used, and numerous proxies for socioeconomic conditions.

Even for the 100 or so nations that report monthly national data on all fatalities, calculating excess deaths requires building models to determine the baseline of ‘normal’ mortality. WHO experts identified errors in their initial estimations for Germany and Sweden earlier this year and corrected their statistics. One study3 including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden demonstrated that the IHME results, in particular, are inexplicably out of line with those reported by the WHO and The Economist.

What would be the utility of estimating excess deaths in light of these caveats? First, it underscores the severity of the catastrophe, highlighting that many low- and middle-income countries that, on the surface, experienced few deaths were likely struck just as badly, if not harder, than wealthier nations. Individuals from these countries did not have a covert immunity to COVID-19, even if their deaths were not as meticulously documented as those in higher-income countries.

Second, it emphasizes how much work need to be done to enhance death-recording systems. As part of its Sustainable Development Goals, the United Nations is attempting to track countries’ success in documenting deaths. According to the most recent data, by 2020, 154 of the 188 nations studied had “at least 75% complete” death data. People may have little incentive to disclose deaths in nations with insufficient social safety nets. Many people say they did not realize they needed to when questioned. Census-type surveys can fill in certain gaps later, but tend to concentrate on collecting maternal and child mortality. UNICEF, the UN children’s charity, says that almost 50% of all deaths are not legally recorded; Vital Strategies, a non-profit public-health organization in New York City, thinks that 40% are unregistered.

Improving civil registration and vital statistics (CRVS) systems, which are used to register births and deaths, is critical to improving public health. The WHO is working on a treaty to improve global preparedness for and resilience to future pandemics; improving CRVS systems is not currently included, but it ought to be. More funding should be directed toward initiatives that provide governments with information on how to improve their systems; currently, the WHO, Bloomberg Philanthropies, and the Gates Foundation finance a jumble of advisory committees.

The latest data shows that 58% of COVID-19 deaths in August 2022 were from people who were vaccinated or boosted. Based on past figures and the current trends, we can reasonably estimate that the number of vaccinated/boosted COVID-19 deaths will only rise.

Better, more consistent documentation is a first step towards smoothing out the gaps between estimates, and decreasing the inclination for countries to pick measures that support their own findings. Comparisons between countries will remain tough, making it challenging to assess which strategies were more or less effective at minimizing mortality, or how lethal the virus was in particular populations. Many estimates, including the WHO’s, do not yet completely account for demographic differences between nations, such as not modifying projections for age or gender. To resolve the differences, researchers will need to work together and communicate openly. None of these challenges should detract from the overall endeavor to quantify the devastating impact of this pandemic, not just in regards of those who have died, but also in terms of survivors’ health.


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  1. Great Game India is now a globalist propaganda publication

    They started as critics of the powers that be. Maybe to gain a reputation as a place for truthful reporting

    But now have shifted into state mouthpiece

    “covid19” is a globalist communist one world government psyop/depopulation scheme. Nothing more.

    No one has “died of covid19”

    It is ALL relabeled colds, flus, and other normal deaths.

    Anyone who says anything otherwise is full of shit and controlled/coopted “opposition”

  2. Few people have died of Covid – the most people injured world wide is around 25 million so far and about 5 million killed from the synthetic mRNA vaccines which went from lab into human arms without any animal testing first and Pfizer’s synthetic mRNA vaccines, according to The Lancer are less than 1% (0.84%) effective against Covid and Covid is 99.16% effective in getting you and all of the other vaccines fall within the range of 0.84% and 3.5% with AstraZeneca being 3.5% and the vaccine which killed lots and nobody wants anymore – so AstraZeneca changed the name frequently, so that their vaccines would be used, by fooling people into thinking they were not getting AstraZeneca, when in fact they were – which is downright murder.

  3. The intention to murder was put in place 6 months before Trump issued his “Emergency Protocol” carried on by Biden and still in force today, for babies 6 months old and up, whereby the vaccine makers have blanket immunity from prosecution for the deaths and injuries their mRNA vaccines do – Read and Weep: There were no COVID-19 vaccines close to approval on August 27, 2020. In fact, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial phase 2/3 had only started a month earlier on July 27.
    The Initial Contract with General Dynamics
    The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020. It outlines a series of services the company was to provide to the CDC pursuant to the “anticipated increase” in VAERS reports due to the COVID-19 vaccines.
    There is no clause in the contract giving the CDC an option to cancel or suspend the contract in the event that vaccines would not be authorized. Also, the contract stipulates that the contractor would have everything up and running within 60 days of the contract, which means by the end of October. But what if the vaccines were never approved? Or what if they were approved much later, say in February, April or June? Was the CDC just going to hand over [redacted] millions of dollars to the contractor for nothing? Or did the CDC know something about the impending approval of COVID-19 vaccines? It certainly appears that by August, 2020, the impending emergency use authorization of at least one COVID-19 vaccine was a foregone conclusion.
    BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: https://www.ibtimes.sg/fact-check-biontech-ceo-ugur-sahin-refuses-take-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-due-safety-concerns-61652 but by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher, (bearing in mind that VAERS represents only 1% of all injuries and deaths recorded and multiplying the numbers given by 41 (x41) gives a much better appreciation of just how many American’s were being injured or had died, after vaccinations began in early 2021), on a daily basis: see below
    CDC Expected Huge Increase in VAERS Reporting
    The contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature:
    According to the contract, VAERS had been receiving an annual average of 53,000 reports in recent years, so in contracting for up to 1,000 reports per day, the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher.

    The initial total amount specified (with options) under the contract with Eagle Health Analytics was $5,925,388.58 or $7,077,054.90 “with all options” (which presumably includes the extension of the VAERS work through July). This amount also includes the CISA project assistance. However, it does not include the increased hours in the Oct. 29 revision, nor the increase for the V-SAFE pregnancy registry work. However, I have not been able to find the contract in any Federal contracts database. Perhaps one of my readers will have better luck.

  4. 30 years never had a virus or bacteria infection = never ill: Mix one heaped teaspoon of salt in a mug of clean warm water – cup a hand and in stages, sniff or snort the mugful up your nose spitting out anything which comes down into your mouth. If burning sensation, you have a virus and the salt solution is disinfecting it, so wait 2-3 minutes until burning sensation goes away, then blow out your nose on toilet paper and flush away, washing your hands afterwards. Do my free salt water cure morning, noon, night or more often if you want, until it feels like you are flushing with water only – job done. 3 minutes idea to job done – simple. No virus, no Covid or Long Covid in your head possible. You cannot catch Covid, you have to catch a Coronavirus first and let it become Covid in the nasal passages of your head, later transported down into your body in the one liter of snot, or mucus, we each produce daily – the engine oil of the body. Vaccines – what for – I never have any. My method is like using a fire hose to put out a fire. It takes 3 minutes to prepare and do with salt and clean water and over the 30 years I and others have been doing it, it has NOT killed or injured ONE PERSON, unlike these synthetic mRNA vaccines – and if you don’t understand the relevance of “synthetic” read my posts on my substack to find out.

  5. “You will own nothing and you will be happy” is what concerns me. Did you know the US Supreme Court passed a Law in 2013 (the same year, 2013, that Moderna patented their Covid virus) that everyone synthetically mRNA vaccinated is no longer human and all human rights are lost and the body of the vaccinated becomes like a GMO product, because once the vaccines are injected into the blood stream and pass through the blood brain barrier in the billions of lipid packages in each vaccine shot, they can’t be taken out, so the body becomes “owned” by the vaccine maker of choice, like a GMO product, because the “synthetic mRNA and RNA is not naturally forming in the body and thus has been patented.
    The mRNA vaccines are said to change a persons DNA in 6 hours and sterilize all in 8 hours, irrespective of sex, so presumably no more children making it to birth, before dying, or not long afterwards if they make it that far.
    The assets, homes, and everything else, are not much use to a bio/human, once they are controlled by a computer somewhere – so guess who gets to own everything without paying a cent for it, presumably?
    The mRNA vaccines include 99% Graphene Oxide and nanotechnology – bearing in mind that the Pfizer vaccines, anyway, were created by Dr Ugur Sahin CEO of BioNTech and inventor of the BIO N TECH Pfizer vaccine on a home computer in an afternoon and no virus or Covid was present and his vaccines were rolled out in January 2021 – see Wiki for more information.
    Well, when a person agrees to have Trump and now Biden’s Emergency Protocol Experimental Test Vaccines they cease to be human and all human rights are lost according to US Law (2013) and they, in effect, becomes the animals one would normally see in the Lab, on which tests are made to see if they are safe for humans, eventually and their bodies are patented to the vaccine maker of choice, like a GMO product, because the synthetic mRNA vaccines are not naturally occurring in the body and can be and have been patented, so once in, past the blood brain barrier into the inner workings of the body, they can’t be taken out and thus the bodies of the vaccinated, become owned by the vaccine maker of their choice, like any other GMO Product and their brains are 100% hackable, by the 99% Graphene Oxide and nanotechnology included in the billions of Lipid Packages in each synthetic mRNA vaccine shot, however at a Cellular level, where a nanotransmitter which links directly to the brain and other circuits are being built by nanobots at a Cellular level where they can only be seen with an Electron Microscope. Did you ever see any Vann Damme movies where he is a human cyborg, his body recovered from the battlefield after death and brought back to life (with others) and installed with a computer interface so that he is controlled from the truck in which they are transported around America to fight battles, presumably for the good side – think “those vaccinated”, who survive the vaccines, the vaccines intention to weed out those not genetically suitable for conversion and kill them off, sooner or later and the installed nanotechnology probably takes over the brain and controls it by a computer which tells the brain it is happy and does what the Vann Damme movies did with their cyborgs – which is why the Elite want us all mRNA vaccinated, so they own all of the 1/3 land on this planet, the other 2/3 being under the seas, they reduce world populations significantly and when Test Tube Babies to order can be made, forget sex to make babies and they will be in control of the population numbers and sexes, to order and probably dispose of them like Solyent Green, if you ever watched the movie – made into food and the previous human’s who volunteered or were forced to have Trump and Biden’s vaccines, otherwise they would have lost their jobs, probably did so for this – thank you for your life, but I personally never wanted it and i would have wanted you all to remain human and never die or become a cyborg, for the Elite to play around with at any age or sex, like slaves with zero rights and zero laws to protect them, who are now cattle, not even human, from anything they are subjected to – and WHO and others think they can make ME like that, they have to be joking!! Welcome to Bill Gates and Trump and Biden’s Great Reset, probably by 2025.

    I “think” we have to volunteer, or be made to volunteer, to have their synthetic mRNA vaccines, because written into all Laws are our rights as humans and as long as we remain human and refuse their vaccines we can’t be touched, either physically or legally, because the Laws were constructed that way, to give us all “humans”, legal freedom of choice. In that scenario, we the humans not vaccinated, can’t be touched legally or by force and all we have to do is refuse synthetic mRNA vaccinations, as are our “human rights”, which we automatically lose, when synthetic mRNA is injected as a vaccine, or anything else – like Gene Therapy – so the golden rule is to refuse to volunteer for anything, you are NOT 100% sure of!!.

  6. It was just an artificially created flu bug.

    This is what the jews do: kill millions of people with wars and diseases. Check out the Kalergi Plan.

    But God will get them all soon: they are the tares (weeds) in Matthew 13. They will be rounded up and burned.

  7. The poison is in the vaccines.
    The scripture you quoted was written 2,000 years ago. What does that tell you? It was meant for the people living back then. Otherwise it wouldn’t make any sense. Time to wake up!

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