How Gujarat Conman Kiran Patel Breached Kashmir Security And Reached The Conflict Zones

Kiran Patel from Gujarat is not an important man, but a conman from Gujarat who successfully misled the government apparatus in the India’s most security-sensitive state that he was a representative of PMO. But in February 2023, he pushed his luck too far.

For his 1,595 followers on Twitter, Kiran Bhai Patel was as an important man; a resident of “34, Meena Baug, New Delhi”; a PHD from a college in Virginia, an MBA from IIM Trichy; “thinker, strategist, analyst, and campaign manager”, all rolled into one. For the Jammu & Kashmir administration, too, he was an important man — additional director (strategy and campaigns) in the Prime Minister’s Office. Important enough for his timeline to be filled with videos of him, dressed in a Nehru jacket and sunglasses, going from one location to another in the conflict-ridden state with a huge police entourage, carrying weapons around him.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the topic, read more about it here.

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