How Gambling Has Influenced the Entertainment Industry

There are many influences on the entertainment industry. Gambling is one of those that has influenced the entertainment industry remarkably. The reason is simple. Gambling stories, books, music, television series, and movies are just that more interesting. Join us as we explore how gambling has influenced the entertainment industry!

Gambling’s Influence on Music

Numerous gambling songs have been written. Every avid poker player knows ‘The Gambler’ song made famous by Kenny Rogers. The song has the best advice that poker players keep in mind every time they join the poker table. There’s also the old country song ‘All I Wanna Do is Play Cards’ made famous by Corb Lund. ‘Beatin’ the Odds’ by Molly Hatchet is another song based on gambling.

More recent gambling songs include ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga, ‘Wake Up in Vegas’ by Katy Perry, and Aerosmith’s ‘Deuces Are Wild.’ Gambling has inspired musicians to create some pretty great songs. We expect that more lyrics and songs will be produced by musicians using gambling as their influence.

Gambling’s Influence on Cinema

Many people are fascinated with the gambling industry. Many movies have been made around gambling and how it has influenced real people’s lives. We enjoy seeing what good or bad comes out of people’s lives when they decide to venture into gambling. The very entertaining real-life movie ‘21’ showed us how a group of MIT students learnt how to count cards in blackjack. They ultimately took Las Vegas casinos for millions until they got caught.

Another movie about gambling, ‘Oceans 11’ introduced us to some very clever robbers who set out to steal from a Las Vegas casino. The movie was first released in 1960. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., and Dean Martin were just some of the famous names of that time that starred in the movie. Later in 2001, the movie was remade, starring Julia Roberts, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. The movie was so successful. It became a franchise, and Oceans 12 and 13 featured on the silver screen.

Another real-life gambling movie ‘Molly’s Game’ was made about Molly Bloom, who ran the most exclusive high-stakes poker games for a decade in the US. Her players included sports and Hollywood royalties, wealthy business people, and members of the Russian mob. She was eventually arrested when 17 FBI agents stormed onto her premises in the middle of the night wielding automatic weapons.

Gambling’s Influence on Television

Television has had its fair share of series covering the gambling genre. The popular television series ‘Las Vegas’ revolves around a team of fictional characters that work at the fictional Montecito Hotel on the Vegas Strip. Every episode deals with the various issues that arise at the hotel. The television series ‘Luck’ focuses on the world of horse racing. This excellent series stars Dustin Hoffman. 

High Stakes Poker is a televised poker cash game where top poker players can enter or buy into a tournament with their own money. Players have the option to buy in again if they lose and fall out of the tournament. It’s nail-biting stuff as anyone can win.

Gambling’s Influence on Books

It goes without saying that hundreds of thousands of books out there cover gambling, whether it’s a fictional book, a biography, or a how-to book. There’s a book for everyone. You’ll be able to find ‘Casino Gambling for Dummies’ going straight up to books that tell you how to count cards, how to beat the house, how to keep a poker face, how to bet logically on sports, and how to play live roulette Canada, the list is endless.

Final Thoughts

Gambling will remain a fascination with all of us. The entertainment industry will keep on producing books, television series, and movies to keep us all entertained for years to come. Some people may be inspired to try their hand at online slot games, online roulette, or live poker. 

In equal respect, the gambling industry has also had its fair share of influences from the entertainment industry. Slot games like ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘The Goonies’ are clear examples.

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