How can you determine whether or not to trust an online casino site in 2021

In the advent of remote working, being at home, and in lockdown, we can’t deny the fact that our minds wander, get bored and, of course, wander the dark, dark world of the Web. If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you might have scoured through YouTube, Instagram, and Google for what to bake or cook. For gaming and particularly online gambling – it’s a whole different dimension.

Hungarians love betting and have been among the favorite social activities since the 1800s. There have been significant changes in the past to have gambling legalized, and now that everybody’s online, it wouldn’t be surprising if online gambling would be a favorite pastime.

Now you may have to question, how safe is it to gamble online? Tech and Hungarian casino expert Péter Deli discusses the ways to determine if an online casino site is safe and trustworthy. More information about him can be found here.

First, check your tech

Make sure the website and the URL you’re checking online are secured. How to check this? Simple, just check on the URL and if there’s a lock icon – your connection is secured, and the site must have a secure payment gateway. 

Second, check out reviews

Make sure that the site is reputable and has a lot of reviews. Don’t buy into the rewards and schemes as they can be attractive. Study and research these sites before going all in! Always ensure to check feedback, trustworthiness, and safety of these sites. A lot of these sites would look really legit, but it really pays to make sure that you’re on the safe side.

Third, safety

Be on the lookout for rogue sites that look official. There are so many sites out there that can’t wait to catch their next victim. Don’t simply jump in and swipe that credit card without verifying the site if it’s safe. Honest and fair casinos are what we are after here. Look for red flags and the secured signs on the site before anything else.

Is the site legal to operate in Hungary?

We don’t want to waste time on research on an online betting site only to find that it doesn’t accept players from Hungary. The best way to figure it out is to look at the terms and conditions. The site should have a list of restricted countries and territories. Determine if it’s a verified casino by looking at security settings and their licenses online.

Trusted Banks

With the restrictions come the trusted banking options. Check what options are available at the online casino site. This is always the case, especially with high restrictions in Hungary. Safety is always the key! 

Customer Success and Excellence

We miss the free drinks and perks of a physical location of a casino, which come as service from the business to make you play more and have fun. But what about when you’re online? That’s why it’s important that customer success should play a vital role in the online casino realm. A reliable casino is a trustworthy casino and the best in customer relations. Be on the lookout for a site’s reputation and how they achieve great customer service.

Repertoire of Games

There should be lots of game options to choose from when visiting an online gambling site. There should also be a good mix of different games from Poker or Roulette to weird online slot machines. This is very important because variety without sacrificing quality is better!

RTP – Return to Player

You must have a knack to identify the chances of winning or the percentage of winning in a particular online casino or game. Unless you’re a stroke of genius, this is very hard to gauge. Especially if you’re the type of a player who just doesn’t care and loves having fun. If you’re dead serious about online gambling, there should be an involvement of spreadsheets, so you’ll know if you are being smart about your bets. Now that is a different story altogether.


In line with the surge of the pandemic that wreaks havoc in our world today, being safe and secure and bringing trust online are of vital importance. If you need more information surrounding building trustworthiness online, you can find more information from

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