Hong Kong To Forcefully COVID-19 Test Citizens Knocking Down Their Doors

Hong Kong is threatening to knock down the doors of residents who don’t respond to authorities conducting mandatory COVID-19 testing blitzes, as the city tries to end a persistent winter wave of coronavirus cases.

Hong Kong To Forcefully COVID-19 Test Citizens Knocking Down Their Doors

Hongkong has introduced a compulsory COVID-19 screening amongst its citizens on its effort to end the winter wave of coronavirus cases. The city implemented strict lockdown and social distancing measures though the ‘mini lockdown’ didn’t discover any covid cases so far.

A surprising lockdown was declared in 4 Hongkong districts for mandatory Covid-19 tests. About 17% of the 680 households didn’t replied to their door to door visit by the health workers. The government authorities are now seeking court warrant to break into the building if mandatory testing is resisted by residents.

Mobile testing units were arranged in the Kwun Tong and other residential area designated to test all the residing population .

The authorities in a statement on Tuesday said, “The governmant may take legal acion including removing individuals or applying to a magistrate for a warrant to break into and forcefully enter a unit”.

Till now Hongkong authorities have conducted eight operations and tested about 10,000 people since Jan 23. Only detected 14 positive Covid cases.

The Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam stated at a weekly briefing ahead of a meeting of advisory executive council, “You can’t really measure the effectiveness of these operations by the number of cases identified. I don’t think its a waste of resources”.

Last year, based on an intercepted human intelligence report, it was revealed that Bill Gates offered $10 million bribe for a forced vaccination program for Coronavirus to the Nigerian House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, a German court in a landmark ruling has declared that COVID19 lockdowns imposed by the government are unconstitutional.

Earlier, an American federal judge as well ruled coronavirus restrictions in Pennsylvania as unconstitutional.

As reported by GreatGameIndia, a major lawsuit has been filed against the PM of Denmark for strict COVID-19 restrictions and for killing almost 17 million minks.

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