Holy Cow – Solution To India’s Energy Crisis: Part II

In the first part of this Energy Crisis SeriesIndia’s Dependence On Oil & A Solution For A Sustainable Future we saw how after Independence, India has slowly descended from energy sufficiency into an oil dependent energy slavery economy through the model of unsustainable development advocated by the west and adopted by India. While India abandoned its traditional practice of energy generation, the European countries lead by Germany transformed traditional Indian Gobar Gas into a leading player in generation of multiple energy sources including Electricity replacing natural gas and nuclear energy, and clean-green vehicle fuel replacing oil or natural gas. Germans were able to develop a process by which from bio-gas they were able to extract 98% methane so that it becomes equivalent of Commercial Grade Natural Gas, directly ingestible into National Gas Grid of Germany and Europe. It is called Bio-Methane (BM) or Methane Bio Gas (MBG) or Commercial Bio Gas (CBG). EU wants to reduce dependency on Russian Natural Gas and Gulf Oil by focusing development of local economy on the basis of locally available resources as part of their national security plan.

In this part we will analyze the European/Western developments in general and German/American in particular with a comparative analysis of the Indian scenario, why these technologies have not been implemented in India, who is blocking it and what can be done to make India an energy self-sufficient nation?

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