GreatGameIndia At Lepakshi Festival

To promote Telugu art, culture and traditions the Andhra Pradesh government has organised a two day Lepakshi Festival which kick-started yesterday on 27th February on a grand scale. The government has been organising various events – Visakha festival, Sri Krishnadevaraya festival, Tribal festival etc., to promote and celebrate the Telugu language, literature, culture, traditional and folk arts and create awareness among the young generation. The Lepakshi festival would showcase the unique culture, traditions and cuisine of Rayalaseema including the famous handlooms of Dharmavaram and Mudireddypalli.

On this occasion GreatGameIndia would also be participating in the fest, pitching the proposal for the documentary on Lepakshi that we have been working on – Secrets of the Stones.

Lepakshi-Secrets-of-the-Stones-GreatGameIndia-Vijayanagara-Kingdom Documentary

The objective of the documentary is to showcase the potential of our proposed project/initiative taking Lepakshi as a case study. The documentary would be a proposal for the entire project covering all the sites of entire Vijayanagara Kingdom. It is the treasures of this Vijayanagara Empire that is being hunted for centuries by the East India Company and now is under direct threat of plunder from the Multinational Corporations like De Beers and others, along with the Chenchus – the tribals living in the Nallamalla forest being evacuated from their ancestral lands of the Nallamalla Forests.

Research will be carried out on different aspects of the sites including history, architecture, communities, geography, technology, commerce, etc. taking a holistic perspective. Through our visit at the site and through inspection and interaction with the locals different features and facets of the place would be brought to light. These unique features would lay the foundation for the documentary and subsequently the entire proposed project, as it is these unexplained and unanswered questions that we wish to address through this project. For the purpose we would bring together experts from different fields on to a platform from where we could embark on a direction where we would not only be able to answer these questions but also in the process revive this once magnificent and living heritage. Entire scope and objective of the documentary could be read at Secrets Of The Stones – Proposed Documentary By GGI.

All interested citizens who would like to be a part of this initiative or would like to help us out in any way are kindly requested to contact us. A detailed presentation on the proposed project is also available upon request for those who would like to donate for the project in any capacity or as a lecture to be delivered for awareness at educational and other institutions.

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Project undertaken by Shelley Kasli & Raja Sekhar for GreatGameIndia

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