Location Of Gray Hairs Corresponds To Health Of Different Organs

If someone notifies you to gray hairs at the back of your head that you could not see before, pay close attention. The reason behind this is because the location of gray hairs corresponds to health of different organs.

Location Of Gray Hairs Corresponds To Health Of Different Organs

Numerous people are concerned about graying and white hairs, but do you give any focus to the position of your gray hair?

In fact, the placement of your gray hair can reveal additional information regarding your physical state, reports the Epoch Times.

We spoke with Dr. Dawei Guo to know and understand more about what your body may be attempting to convey to you when you notice white hair as well as how to counteract and mitigate it.

“We know that the conditions of a person’s internal organs have manifestations in our appearance, too,” Dr. Guo said. “such as, if there is gray hair at the top of one’s head, near the forehead, they may have a weak spleen or stomach.”

“If gray hair appears on both sides of the temples, in Chinese medicine we call that having excessive liver ‘fire,’ too much qi and blood.

“If gray hair is appearing all over the back of the head, we can probably assume this person has issues in the kidneys.”

Dr. Guo was kind enough to tell us more about these three topics.

Gray Hairs in Front

“I remember when I went to the outpatient yesterday, a patient came in and told me he had gastrointestinal problems recently, including lots of flatulence and stomach acid reflux. As we were discussing, I saw that he had gray hair all around his forehead,” Dr. Guo said. “So I told him, those gray hairs were linked to his gastrointestinal problems.”

The patient informed Dr. Guo that he had been frequently pulling out his gray hairs, which led to the doctor commenting and that he was making two critical errors.

“The first is that you can’t pull out the hairs, it will end up hurting the surrounding hair follicles, making you more prone to hair loss,” Dr.Guo said.

“The second thing is, if you don’t fix the health problems in your spleen and stomach, the gray hairs won’t go away,” he said.

“I would suggest to patients with gray hair near the forehead to deal with their diet. It includes eating the right portions at the right times of day, at set times of day,” Dr. Guo said. He suggests three evenly spaced meals for the majority of these patients. “We suggest to eat until you are 70 percent full. That way, you are leaving room for your stomach to rest.”

“In addition, eat a bit of food that is easy to ferment. If you eat white rice as the main dish, have it with some box choy and meat, and in such a way reduce flatulence and stomach acid reflux,” he said.

Graying Temples and the Liver

“Have you ever noticed that people who work in finance or some other stressful jobs tend to have white hairs around their temples?” Dr. Guo asked. “We often say that people who overuse their brains, who have ‘overheated liver fire,’ or have sleeping disorders tend to have their first gray hairs popping up around the temples.”

Dr. Guo first prescribes medicine to unclog the liver meridians, or energy routes studied in traditional Chinese medicine, for these patients. He advises them to reduce stress by not staying up very late and to moderate their correlation with their work. As a result, their gray hairs gradually fade, growing less around the temples.

This “liver fire” pertains to or is induced by a high level of stress and emotion.

“Emotions and stress that we often talk about belong to ‘wood’ in the five elements of our traditional Chinese medicine,” Dr. Guo said. “We call it ‘liver wood,’ and we often say that ‘liver wood suppresses one’s “spleen earth.” An overactive liver can negatively impact one’s spleen, intestines, and stomach.”

“When you’re in a bad mood, you may end up eating too fast. Or sometimes you may not want to eat, your appetite becomes worse. Then your stomach and intestines absorb less of what they need.”

“We say that the stomach and spleen are the source of qi and blood generation. Deprived, the body’s qi and blood supply becomes relatively less. If liver stores the blood, and hair is supported by the leftover blood, with inadequate nutrition there is not enough to nourish the hair.

Dr. Guo says he has seen the same thing in patients and public figures who have had liver transplants. During their recovery from the surgeries, their temple hairs would turn white.

‘A Good Kidney Shows Through One’s Hair’

The kidneys are possibly the most direct connection between an internal organ and gray hairs, so much so that in traditional Chinese medicine, “a good kidney shows through one’s hair.”

“Sometimes you’ll see someone who is old, but with a head full of shiny, colored hair,” Dr. Guo said. “It also means they have good kidneys.”

He explained that when the rear of the head is covered in gray hairs, it usually indicates a dilemma with the kidneys and, by extension, the bladder.

The tuber fleece flower, also known as climbing knotweed, is known in Chinese as “he shou wu,” which translates as “the black-haired Mr. He.” It is a flowering vine plant in the buckwheat family.

According to Dr. Guo, the wellbeing of the kidneys can also be seen in one’s energy levels, so if someone notifies you to gray hairs at the back of your head that you could not see before, pay close attention.

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  1. I don’t know about this as I have ‘leaky gut’ which is painful. I’m 71 and still have naturally blonde hair – no gray hair. There is always an exception to the rule, I guess. Thanks much! God Bless you.

  2. Such bullshit. Hair does not turn grey. This is o some quack can then sell you expensive crap to fix your organs. Wake up people.
    Read about genetics and melanin and stop being so stupid.

  3. I agree with you Carol G. However, the guy with the leaky gut needs to check out a book by Dr. Gundry. I talked about the can get and proper food to eat to avoid this condition. Dr. Gundry makes a lot of sense

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