Google’s Woke AI Gemini Fiasco

Google co-founder Sergey Brin admitted errors in Gemini, Google’s Woke AI, citing insufficient testing at the Gemini Hackathon. The AI faced criticism for historical inaccuracies and woke biases.

Google's Woke AI Gemini Fiasco 1

During the Gemini Hackathon, Google co-founder Sergey Brin addressed the controversy surrounding Gemini, a woke artificial intelligence bot that has been criticized for spreading false and misleading information. “We definitely messed up on the image generation, and it was mostly due to not thorough testing,” Brin said.

In a video, Brin—who is presently a significant shareholder in Alphabet, Google’s parent company—is seen not apologizing for the historical errors and conscious prejudices in Gemini.

Users of X quickly noticed a man seated at a table in front of Brin during the event, wearing what looked to be a body print of a nude woman’s torso, complete with breasts. Strange, huh?

Google's Woke AI Gemini Fiasco 2

The inaccuracies in Gemini were so severe that it seemed as though its woke makers were trying to change history on purpose rather than making mistakes. The bot’s picture feature has been inactive for more than a week.

Last week, Google went into damage control mode and scrambled.

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Author Peter Hasson, while searching for reviews, discovered that Google’s Gemini AI creates fake book reviews to defend Google.

In a statement, Sundar Pichai of Alphabet called the Gemini problem “completely unacceptable”.

In the meanwhile, calls to boycott all Google products are growing:

“I’ve been reading Google’s Gemini damage control posts. I think they’re simply not telling the truth. For one, their text-only product has the same (if not worse) issues. And second, if you know a bit about how these models are built, you know you don’t get these “incorrect” answers through one-off innocent mistakes,” one X user stated in a post that has more than 5 million views. He further mentioned that he’s “done with Google.” 

Executives at the massive digital corporation are completely disconnected from reality, and Gemini is only the tip of the woke iceberg.

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