Google Training AI To Replace Journalists

According to reports, 90% of news items will reportedly be written by AI by 2025, and Google is training AI to replace journalists by teaming up with Polis.

Google Training AI To Replace Journalists 1

As absurd as it may sound, AI is actually being taught or is possibly already teaching itself to replace journalists. According to forecasts, Google’s AI will make 95% of journalist employment obsolete.

That might sound worrisome, now. On the other hand, those who are proud to be journalists can now turn their attention to other media-related fields where their services may still be required, which is excellent news.

However, according to Google, AI is designed to support journalists by giving them the information they need to concentrate on stories that call for analysis, insight, and moral reporting. But all of this was going to happen, and many journalists were preparing for it already.

Newsrooms have been attempting to reduce expenses for years in an effort to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Additionally, in contemporary times, technology is used to disseminate news rather than as an accessory. News organisations nowadays are completely reliant on technology, from smartphone journalism to data journalism to reporting on Twitter and Tik Tok.

According to reports, 90% of news items will reportedly be written by AI by 2025. AI is already used in transcription software, which involves the identification and creation of words from an audio source, in content writing. Several data-based stories are also utilising AI. It should go without saying that adaptation and fact-checking are now essential components of AI stories.

In 2019, as part of its Google News effort, Google teamed up with Polis, a media think tank affiliated with the London School of Economics, to develop an AI tool for journalism that will encourage original thinking, in-depth research, and moral judgement.

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  1. I’m old and will not have to suffer the absurdity of pondering who wrote the algo’s governing what the AI wonders about in it’s infinite presumption.
    Remember folks, all which AI is comes down to a guess, as it’s deductions form from a software straight jacket composed of how many places to the right of the decimal it chooses. No creativity, no imagination, no soul for discerning and discriminating truth from manipulation.
    Talk about The Tower of Babble…

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