The Time Has Come For A Global Pandemic Treaty Says WHO’s Tedros

General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO Director says, the world needs a global pandemic treaty and it has always been proved by Covid-19. He said, it’s a major change that would do the most to empower the WHO and boost global health security.

The Time Has Come For A Global Pandemic Treaty Says WHO's Tedros

“This is an idea whose time has come,” Tedros told diplomats attending the final day of the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

In March, more than two dozen world leaders said that they support a framework on pandemic preparedness or an international treaty, signing a letter whose signatories doesn’t include Russia, China and US. At the World Health Assembly, it grew further and more than 30 countries supported discussing the matter in November.

“The United States was one of the countries that supported the resolution to hold the special session,” the WHO said Monday in response to an NPR inquiry. “That is not to say it has committed to support the treaty yet, as the process of moving forward was only confirmed today.”

Tedros said that an international treaty would connect countries in ways that strengthen the world’s health security.

“At present, pathogens have greater power than WHO. They are emerging more frequently in a planet out of balance. They exploit our interconnectedness and expose our inequities and divisions,” Tedros said.

“The safety of the world’s people cannot rely solely on the goodwill of governments.” He said it would make countries more responsible to one another. The WHO leader said, “The weeklong World Health Assembly’s theme is “Ending this pandemic, preventing the next one.”

Tedros stressed that much work remains to end the pandemic, calling it “a monumental error for any country to think the danger has passed.” Together, the world still faces “the same vulnerabilities that allowed a small outbreak to become a global pandemic,” he said.

His remarks echoed the frustration he raised last year when he said that pandemic was presenting humanity with a test – one that we are failing.

“How is it difficult for humans to unite and fight a common enemy that is killing people indiscriminately?” an emotional Tedros asked at a briefing in Geneva. “Are we unable to distinguish or identify the common enemy?”

However, a whistleblower from the WHO, Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger in a stunning confession exposed the suspicious activities of Bill Gates and GAVI.

In the 41st session of the Corona Investigative Committee she said the rules under which countries work with WHO virtually put WHO in charge of all rules and formal edicts and announcements — with Gates being right there as part of the executive board like an unofficial member state, making decisions that affect the entire world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) is a primary agency of the United Nations responsible for international public health. However, in recent times, the WHO has been criticized for either acting too late or too little during a health crisis.

There have been instances where WHO was caught grossly unprepared with its course of action. Other times, the scientists and researchers at WHO have made laughable errors while preparing reports. This begs the question:

Why WHO makes so many mistakes? Is it deliberate? Or is there some other reason behind WHO’s never ending list of errors?

An exclusive report by GreatGameIndia revealed how in 2009 WHO prematurely declared ‘swine flu’ a pandemic which resulted in a surge of vaccine orders. The rich and affluent nations were quick to purchase the vaccines for their people. Ironically, most deaths occurred not in Europe but in Africa and Southeast Asia.

In his controversial book renowned author Stuart Blume discloses that many of the most influential advisers, at both World Health Organisation (WHO) and national levels, are paid consultants to the vaccine industry raising a very serious question – that the WHO might be working for the vaccine industry’s interests and not the people – the reason why 10 years ago WHO faked a pandemic.

The consistent pattern of blunders being committed by WHO raises serious questions on its efficiency in dealing with the lives of people. The amount of errors on a regular basis suggest WHO’s gambling-approach to world health-crisis. Past experiences shedding light on WHO being used as tool of the vaccine lobby have led many experts to call for dismantling of the WHO.

Can the World Health Organization (WHO) still be reformed or must it be reborn? Can it address concretely and effectively the challenges it is facing? Should WHO be dismantled?

These are important questions, not only for the next director-general but perhaps even more for the member states who are the real “owners” of WHO.

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  1. If shitbags like Bill Gates, who DEFINITELY have an evil agenda, can simply BUY their way Onto the WHO board, then not only NO, … But HELL NO !!! Screw the WHO, they can kick rocks !!

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  3. This pandemic, like every pandemic, was fabricated by the globalists. Articles like this are pure BS, which reveals their true purposes. Deception. Control. Population reduction.

  4. lynnthoma It is much more sinister than that. Think about how the CDC is NOT a government organization, yet they seem to have authority over how shit is handled and what Doctors and hospitals are required to follow. Now think about the World Health Organization trying to gain the worldwide authority to hand down global vaxx mandates as a requirement for all, no matter what country.

  5. You think maybe Bill Gates is participating in the discussions because of his benevolence ? I say that with a tinge of satire as anyone that has been doing some research on his foundation,s tentacles in all aspects vaccines knows he is a certified sociopath .

  6. And to add to my previous comment ,Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is no shining saint example either if one looks at his previous history before being appointed as the WHO director.

  7. Guy: Oh, Gates has tentacles into damned hear everything, not just Vaccines. He’s a sociopath and a psychopath. lol

  8. “Two decades ago, we created a foundation focused on global health because we wanted to use the returns from Microsoft to improve as many lives as possible.” Bill Gates

    https: //www .gatesnotes. com/2021-Annual-Letter?WT.tsrc=GFGPGS

    world leaders gathering at the United Nations Headquarters today approved an action-oriented political declaration on universal health coverage committing themselves to achieving that objective by 2030.

    https: //www .un. org/press/en/2019/ga12181.doc.htm

    The coronavirus pandemic pits all of humanity against the virus. The damage to health, wealth, and well-being has already been enormous. This is like a world war, except in this case, we’re all on the same side.-Bill Gates

    ****no- forcing experimental vaccines on people is a human rights issue going back to Nuremberg trials and we the world citizens do not profit on vaccine royalties or stockmarket or marketing products that have proven unsafe in the past.

    not on same side of this medical tyranny. Pfizer court order documents state: first batch over 1,200 Vaccine deaths occurred within first 90 days!

    lawyers wanted 55 years to process request.

    The evidence shows this has nothing to do with health or world safety measures or medicine that helps the world. 

    kinematic self replication  in reconfigurable  organisms./ research article www

    pnas. org

    “Progenitor shape was chosen as the condition to be varied, as previous work demonstrated that shapes of simulated organisms can be evolved in silico to produce locomotion in cardiac tissue–driven reconfigurable organisms (10), or enhanced synthetic particle aggregation by cilia-driven reconfigurable organisms (9)…This form of perpetuation, previously unseen in any organism, arises spontaneously over days rather than evolving over millennia. We also show how artificial intelligence methods can design assemblies that postpone loss of replicative ability and perform useful work as a side effect of replication. This suggests other unique and useful phenotypes can be rapidly reached from wild-type organisms without selection or genetic engineering, thereby broadening our understanding of the conditions under which replication arises, phenotypic plasticity, and how useful replicative machines may be realized.”

    Xenobots, which are less than a millimeter wide, are designed on a computer and hand-assembled. The scientists said they were stunned to learn the tiny blobs could spontaneously replicate.

    The team said the new research could be beneficial for advancements in regenerative medicine.

    “If we knew how to tell collections of cells to do what we wanted them to do, ultimately, that’s regenerative medicine — that’s the solution to traumatic injury, birth defects, cancer, and aging,” Levin said.

    “All of these different problems are here because we don’t know how to predict and control what groups of cells are going to build. Xenobots are a new platform for teaching us.

    ****  NOTE:  don’t know how to control these free roaming self replicating organisms but let’s keep going ….for medical marketing products of diseases.


    1-Moreover, graphene materials could cause oxidative stress and reactive oxygen species production and affect cell DNA integrity and mitochondrial activity (Jarosz et al., 2016). 

    2-previous in vitro study using rat H9c2 cells indicated that graphene oxide nanomaterials caused mitochondrial disturbances, generation of reactive oxygen species, and DNA damages, but the in vivo effect is lacking (Arbo et al., 2019).

    3-Currently, it has been applied in biomedical fields, including drug delivery (Yang et al., 2015), cellular imaging (You et al., 2015), solid/liquid phase microextraction (Rezaeifar et al., 2016), and cancer therapy (Rahman et al., 2015; Krasteva et al., 2019)

    https:  //www.  ncbi.

    internet of things:-

    The Internet of things describes physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the Internet or other communications networks. The field has evolved due to the convergence of multiple technologies, including ubiquitous computing, commodity sensors, increasingly powerful embedded systems, and machine learning. Traditional fields of embedded systems, wireless sensor networks, control systems, automation, independently and collectively enable the Internet of things. In the consumer market, IoT technology is most synonymous with products pertaining to the concept of the “smart home”, including devices and appliances that support one or more common ecosystems, and can be controlled via devices associated with that ecosystem, such as smartphones and smart speakers. The IoT can also be used in healthcare systems.Wikipedia

    *** Note :The IoT can also be used in healthcare.

    unelected , non- independent medical “advisors ” not held accountable by laws ( pharma under EUA has no liability) has no supportive evidence that this is neccessary or safe for our world but plenty of scientific evidence to the contrary. 


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  10. It would be nice if this nigger would just declare himself king of the Congo or something and leave humans alone. He has the i.q. of a shit flinging monkey warlord.

  11. not sure Aaaah, a comment thoroughly lacking any modern euphemisms. Very refreshing to say the least. lol No, Really !!

  12. I read somewhere over the last few years that Billy boy is the main contributor and decision maker for the W H O….. didn’t he say in a T E d talk that he could get our (you and me) pop u lation under control if he could in noc u late enough people????

  13. I have issue with the use of the word “Borderline” as opposed to “Full Blown”. I have an ex that was diagnosed with “Borderline Personality Disorder”,…. crazy bitch tried to kill me, stabbed me in the throat !! Gates is far more insane than she is !!

  14. Only 1 insurance company in the US has it’s 1st quarter made public… after the jabby-do came out…. over 100,000 excess deaths occurred each month after the jabby-do… For some strange reason, they have not reported publicly since… nor has any other insurance company! Maybe, the streets are empty, and jobs not applied for …. because those people who would do so are not with us anymore? Dear sisters and brothers around the world… let’s stop seeing ourselves as different… but as one race, one people, who are being attacked as if we were animals… They have played the game “divide and concur” for centuries… it is time we came together despite our differences… and unite as one people.

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