Germany’s Secret Pedophilia Experiments

A sickening and bizarre sexual experiment was carried out by German government officials and a pedophile scientist that deliberately placed troubled children in the care of pedophiles to see if it had “positive consequences.” Victims from this utterly horrifying practice have filed a lawsuit exposing the grotesque details of this taxpayer-funded pedophilia experiment.


Germany's Secret Pedophilia Experiments
Germany’s Secret Pedophilia Experiments

Kentler Experiments

In 1969, the Berlin welfare authorities assigned Dr Helmut Kentler, head of the department of social pedagogy at the Pedagogical Center, at least three homeless teenagers for foster care, who were then assigned to known pedophile parents by Kentler. Astonishingly, he had been able to convince the West Berlin Senate that pedophilia could have “Positive consequences” and could help homeless children lead “Proper, unremarkable lives.” These experiments, called the Kentler experiments, were carried on from 1969 to 2003.

Helmut Kentler
Helmut Kentler. Neue Presse

The U.S. Sun identifies three victims under the Kentler experiments – Ulrich, Marco and Svenalong with one abuser Fritz. Reports detail the horrific experiences of the teenage boys at the time, who were repeatedly sexually abused by their foster guardian.

Kentler described the beginning of his sinister project in a magazine from 1980:

11 years ago, I was living in a group in Berlin at the time – 13-year-old Ulrich was brought to me… Ulrich’s advantage was that he looked good and that he enjoyed sex; so he could give something back to paedophile men who looked after him. We were lucky with Mr. Winter (The foster guardian assigned to Ulrich by Kentler). But surely my regular visits had a positive effect. Because relationships between adults and adolescents often suffer from the fact that they have to hide and hide.

Although Kentler admitted before his death in 2008 that it was clear to all involved that placing youths with pedophiles broke the law, his papers described the entire experiment as a “Success.”

Researchers into the shameful episode getting stalled

In 2013, political scientist Franz Walter from the Göttingen Institute for Democracy Research examined previous position of the German political parties the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) on pedophilia and assigned Kentler a key role in the networks of pedophile activists.

Professor Franz Walter, Göttingen Institute for Democracy Research
Professor Franz Walter, Göttingen Institute for Democracy Research

With rising public exposure and pressure, Dr Teresa Nentwig of the University of Göttingen was then commissioned by the Berlin State authorities in 2015 to review the city files and publish a report on the findings.

A press release by the Leibniz University Hannover acknowledges Dr. Nentwig’s “Comprehensive review,” of Helmut Kentler’s work at the university and admits that Kentler was a professor at the University of Hannover as late as 1996.

“His statements and research conduct are inexcusable and utterly unacceptable. Leibniz University Hannover explicitly disassociates itself from Helmut Kentler and his work,” said the press release.

An online petition of September, 2019 by Joana Hendl explains that although the matter was brought to a public debate in the Berlin Senate in 2015, there was an intense coverup behind the scenes. Kentler’s files from his apartment, files from the youth welfare office were confiscated in order to stop the investigation.

A Dark Past – Pedophilia was getting institutionalized support

Germany is no stranger to such horrific scandals.

The junior coalition party of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservatives, Germany’s business-friendly Free Democratic Party (FDP), has had a strong connection with pedophile movements in recent history.

This Spiegel International reports that the FDP had connections even to those highest up in the pedophilia movement. There were numerous links and instances of close association between politicians and pedophilia.

At its general assembly in March 1980, the FDP’s youth organization at the time, the Young Democrats, wanted to remove paragraphs 174 and 176, which forbade sexual abuse of children and teenagers from the German Criminal Code.

A campaign ad for the FDP ahead of Berlin’s 1981 state parliament election obtained government funding for the General Homosexual Working Group (AHA), which at the time was not just advocating for urgent decriminalization of homosexuality, it was also a lobbying group for pedophiles.

In May 1981, the FDP’s parliamentary group gathered for a hearing to explore repealing paragraph 175, which made homosexuality a crime. 11 experts were called, including Helmut Kentler, who went on to make an unopposed presentation on his pedophile fostering experiments in Berlin.

In November of 1982, the FDP threw a party at the close of its federal convention. The invitations promising “Disco and discussion” went out not only to party members who had participated in the convention in Berlin, but also to a selection of gays, lesbians and pedophiles. The invitation bore the FDP logo, emblazoned at the bottom right, and explicitly welcomed “Lesbians and Liberals, Gossips and Sisters, Celebrities and Pederasts.”

In 1980, the highly active German Study and Working Group on Pedophilia (DSAP) shared a post office box with the Humanistic Union (HU) in Düsseldorf. The HU, which describes itself as an “independent civil rights organization,” also had a longstanding problematic position on the issue of pedophilia, maintaining close contact with the Working Group on Human Sexuality (AHS), which advocated the legalization of sex between adults and children.

Sociology professor RüdigerLautmann, who still serves on the board of HU and had also made a presentation in May 1981 to the FDP on repealing paragraph 175. Lautmann, told the parliamentarians that contemporary beliefs concerning “Age differences, the behaviour of the younger party and the nature of the sexual contact” were entirely incorrect.

Jurgen Trittin
Jurgen Trittin, a prominent Green Party member, supported pedophilia back in the day

Jurgen Trittin, a prominent Green Party member, supported pedophilia back in the day as well. Trittin later issued a grovelling apology, saying that the pedophile links had to be seen in the context of the sexual revolution of the 1970s, which encouraged a “Fiction that there could be sexual relations between adults and children beyond violence or abuse of trust.”

The Lawsuit

Because no individual guilt could be found by law, and both Kentler and the abuser of foster children are no longer alive, the prosecutors dropped the investigation of two of the victims against the Youth Senate Department of Berlin.

According to Der Tagesspiegel, the two victims are now in line to receive compensation for their civil suit from the Berlin Senate, which agreed to an out-of-court settlement. One of the victim’s lawyers was reportedly pressing for a lump sum of €100,000 plus a monthly pension of €2,500.

Berlin Youth Affairs Minister, Sandra Scheeres said, “It was a crime to put these people into this kind of care. It is simply unimaginable that something like this happened with state oversight.” The Berliner Zeitung daily has urged the minister to keep up the pressure on the Kentler affair and “Get all the files on the table.”

Ms. Sandra Scheeres awarded a second research contract as the initial report had not been able to adequately clarify the problem due to the lack of the necessary rights to inspect files. A second report was being drawn up by the University of Hildesheim.

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