Germany Considering Yearly Mask Mandate Between October To March

In anticipation of yearly COVID waves, the German administration is taking into consideration a proposal that would mandate that people wear masks indoors every winter. Germany is seriously considering a yearly mask mandate between the months of October to March.

Germany Considering Yearly Mask Mandate Between October To March

The plan, according to the German tabloid Die Welt, would mandate mask wearing in all public areas, including eateries, pubs, and shops, from October to March. It is unknown if the measure would apply to schools or other places where small children are present.

It is claimed that COVID cases increase during the cold months, similar to flu occurrences, and that requiring mask use could prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus. However, this claim has received considerable criticism.

Germany’s renowned Oktoberfest, a beer festival that draws more than five million visitors annually, would also take place during the month of October if a mask requirement were to be implemented there.

At least 47 studies have shown that masks are useless at halting the coronavirus’s transmission, despite governments and health organizations around the world mandating the wearing of masks since the start of the so-called COVID-19 pandemic.

32 additional research go beyond pointing out ineptitude and contend that wearing a mask can really harm one’s health.

Scientific research indicates that masks are ineffective, with a survival rate of over 99.95% for individuals under 50. Additionally, an increasing number of professionals are cautioning that young children are suffering from psychological and cognitive deterioration as a result of growing up in a society where facial expressions are hidden from view. Many people worry that disguising has led to unwarranted and maybe irreparable damage.

Children conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic have much worse cognitive capacity than their pre-pandemic peers, according to a Rhode Island research (read below) published in August 2021.

Researchers claim that “environmental conditions,” such as “mask policies,” which have “fundamentally altered” how children are raised, rather than biological or nutritional factors are to blame for this result.

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