German Princess Strips Down For Playboy

Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, the princess of Saxony, bares all for Playboy as the cover girl for the March 2024 edition of Playboy Germany.

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 1

A bedsheet and not much more were exchanged for the tiara of a German princess.

As the first aristocrat to pose for Playboy, Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, the princess of Saxony, created history.

The 37-year-old is the Playboy Germany March 2024 edition cover girl. The naked royal is shown in the sexy photos wearing sheer white underwear that doesn’t offer much room for interpretation.

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“I think it’s the right time,” Xenia told Fox News Digital. “I feel totally great. It’s … the first and last time I get naked, Playboy exclusive material, but it was such an experience.”

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 2
Xenia Florence Gabriela Sophie Iris, the princess of Saxony, is the March 2024 cover girl for Playboy Germany.

“I just … got some makeup [done] in my kimono, and then I was naked for two days,” she shared. “I felt so comfortable around the team. … I always wanted to be a pop star like Britney Spears, but I never dreamed of being in the press all over the world … as a natural woman.”

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According to People magazine, Germany hasn’t had a reigning monarchy or royal family since the end of World War I. Still, the nation is home to several aristocratic families that once controlled numerous German states. According to the publication, Friedrich August III, the last king of Saxony, is one of Xenia’s noble ancestors.

According to the U.K.’s Independent, Xenia obtained her title as a German House of Wettin descendant.

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 3
Xenia’s great-great-grandfather was Friedrich August III, the last king of Saxony.

“I asked my mom before I did it,” Xenia said of posing for Playboy. “Her opinion was important to me. She said, ‘You know what girl? If you feel it, then do it.’ That was the key, and I felt it. So, everyone was fine with it. I even got a message … from one of my cousins whom I haven’t spoken to in 20 years. He said, ‘Wow, congratulations! You did a great job by breaking this wall.’ I was like, ‘Wow, even my own family is on my side.’

“It changed because, 10 years ago, it was just the men in my family who had the power,” Xenia explained. “You had to do what they said and it was a struggle. But then I decided to make my own way, my own path. Now, I’m happier than ever.”

Xenia claimed that the purpose of her obscene photo session was to demonstrate to women that all bodies are attractive in their truest forms.

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 4
Xenia said her racy photo shoot was an empowering experience.

“I’ve had all these thoughts in my mind about getting bigger breasts,” she admitted. “But then I was like, ‘No, I’m a mom. I have [stretch] marks. I’m skinny, but that’s OK. It’s OK to have little boobs.’ That was my decision. … I’m proud to have a working body. I really don’t care about the size. We tell the boys that size doesn’t matter. Well, our sizes also don’t matter.”

Before becoming well-known as a reality TV star, Xenia said that she was under peer pressure to have surgery.

“I thought, ‘I’m the one without any surgery in this group, do I fit in?’ she said. “I just wanted to be myself. I didn’t want to get anything just because someone told me to get surgery. I’m content with my decision.”

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 5
Xenia previously made her mark in reality TV.

Xenia is used to being the center of attention. She said the cameras were all around her when she was a child. And she answered the door when reality TV called.

She laughed, “It turns out that I’m really good at it.”

She even attempted to find a European husband by using her TV celebrity. Xenia asserted that she had received a staggering six proposals.

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 6
Xenia attempted to find a beau on BBC’s “Undercover Princesses.”

“It’s not always my bad at these things!” she insisted. “Maybe three or four … but that’s not the easy part of being a princess. You never know if people want you for your title or just yourself. I even tried to find a man undercover on BBC’s ‘Undercover Princesses,’ [and] it didn’t work out.

“There have always been cameras in my family,” said Xenia. “It’s kind of what everyone thinks about when they think of a princess. I had to go to events with other royals. But on the other side, my mom tried to always raise me normally. I helped [around] the house [by] cleaning to get some money.

“I was totally normal. … Everyone thinks that being a princess means you have no issues, no worries, just a lot of money. People always think I have everything. But, in reality, I work for everything. I wanted to do my own thing and not just rely on what my family told me to do.”

Xenia said, “That’s right, everyone knows me naked,” in response to the question of what it would take for a man to impress her in the modern era.

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 7
Xenia is a proud mom of an 8-year-old son. “He’s such a spiritual, beautiful human being,” she told Fox News Digital.

“Well, the most sexy thing for me is humor,” she said. “I love Ryan Reynolds, but I also love his wife, so everything is fine.”

Regarding her ancestry, Xenia said that her most recent job would have been permitted by the last Saxony king.

“I was meditating two weeks before the shoot because I was so nervous,” she said. “I didn’t realize it was getting real. So, I started to meditate. I then started to get this strange feeling. I felt like he did this little wink to me and said, ‘Do it.’ I know, it’s so crazy, but I just felt that I had his approval. I had a feeling I channeled him. Of course, I’ve never met him, but I just had a feeling he would say yes. I can’t tell you why, but that’s the feeling I got, yes.”

German Princess Strips Down For Playboy 8
Germany hasn’t had an active royal family or monarch since the end of World War I. However, the country still has several noble houses that at one point ruled over several of the German states.

Regarding those who stare admiringly at her pictures, Xenia has a particular message for them.

“How dare you tell me what a princess should do?” she said. “Who are you? I am a princess, and I can do whatever I want, as everyone else should.”

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