Why Toxic Gender Identity Politics Should Not Be Imported To India

There is a craze among a section of Indians to blindly imitate and import the toxic Gender Identity Politics destroying western societies. Indians need not to follow and copy toxic western culture mindlessly. We can achieve prosperity and modernity on our own terms while retaining Indian culture and values.

Why Toxic Gender Identity Politics Should Not Be Imported To India

LGBT propaganda in Indian schools

In schools of Kolkata, eight short films will be screened on Tuesday, as per reports. These films are based on homosexual relationships. It is yet to be cleared if movies will be played for students under or above 15 years of age. It is debatable if children should be aware or exposed to such things.

Including these subjects or topics in school curriculum is inspired by a class of society where people believe in copying western woke culture blindly. 

Sexual norms are conservative in India and different from the USA. Some people in India idealize and appreciate the west and they want to import their sexual norms in India without considering the repercussions or local cultural conditions.

Gender Identity Politics in NCERT training manual for teachers

A training manual for teachers has been published by the department of gender studies at NCERT. This manual encapsulated the worst elements of Gender identity politics. It blamed ‘caste patriarchy’ for the stigma against transgenders.

It is also against ‘binary’ in schools like different assembly lines and seating arrangements for boys and girls. It also has issues with the binary basis of toilets for girls and boys. Later, suggestion to make unisex toilet was added to this manual.

By its own admission, only 25 transgender students registered themselves for the Class 10 and 12 board exams in 2020.

This manual also suggests that students or children should be aware of puberty blockers that are actually medicines to block children’s natural puberty development. Many countries have already allowed children to use these medicines without the consent of their parents.

The outcome of it can be dangerous and children who take puberty blockers may experience some side effects like underdeveloped genital tissue and lower bone density. These children can also have difficulties in having their own kids in future.

Craze among Indians to adopt toxic western culture

Indians need not to follow and copy toxic western culture mindlessly. Indians can achieve prosperity levels and modernity on their own terms while retaining important Indian culture and values.

It is okay to debate or discuss that homosexual people should be treated courteously and fairly. But, it is not okay to debate that this can be done by exposing school going children to LGBT propaganda. 

This is not just about showing movies based on homosexual relationships to children, but it is more than that. An LGBT rights group showed a photograph to children of the Tagore International School. In this photograph, a man was breastfeeding a child after developing breasts. This man was born a female and had undergone a hormonal surgery to make transition to a male.

Why Toxic Gender Identity Politics Should Not Be Imported To India
Why Toxic Gender Identity Politics Should Not Be Imported To India

It is hard to say whether it is right to show such stuff to children. They should be exposed to such material only after they get mature enough to deal with it. Schools should focus on other important subjects rather than the toxic Woke culture.

Well, the Drag Queen Story Hours has made its way to India. This is a story of transgender and homosexual men who dress up in female clothing. This stuff is irrelevant to education. There may be so many people who may not want their children to be exposed to such stuff or sexual politics at a very young age.

The danger of Gender Identity Politics

This propaganda is not just about homosexuality, but it runs with toxic idealogy of gender identity politics. They think that biological sex is a myth and there are infinite numbers of genders. This is dangerous and scientifically wrong to claim that gender is a myth and does not have a basis in biology.

LGBT activists want children to think that gender is a myth or fluid. If a girl claims to be a boy, she deserves to be treated as a boy. The repercussions of this concept or ideology has been horrific.

Biological men were placed in female prisons and they raped the female inmates. There are so many such cases where things went wrong after implementing or following this toxic ideology.

The Transgender craze Seducing our Daughters

Gender identity politics have affected girls harshly. There is a book ‘Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters’, written by Abigail Shrier. It has detais about how girls who were not suffering from gender dysphoria, still had to believe that they were ‘trapped in the wrong body’.

Irreversible Damage The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters Abigail Shrier

Consequently, they had undergone medical procedures to change their gender. After going through the procedure, many of them regretted their decision later.

There is also a campaign underway to use alternative words to describe the word ‘women’ that includes ‘vagina-owners’, ‘menstruators’ and ‘vulva-owners’. The spectrum of gender identity politics is going to be imported in India which poses a grave threat to the fabric of Indian society.

Concerns in USA about Gender Identity Politics

In the USA, a famous media personality, Megyn Kelly, revealed that her son’s school taught this idea to 3rd graders.

She recalled, “One of our fellow parents, a man, raised his hand and said, ‘Why did my son come home’ — these are third graders, 8- and 9-year-olds — ‘Why did my son come home and asks if it’s true that he can take a pill to prevent puberty, and then, when he turns 18, he can have his penis chopped off if he wants to become a woman?’”

“There are things that are inappropriate to discuss with children, certainly third graders, as it was in our case, and teenagers down the line for all sorts of reasons,” she added. Rhode Island middle school teacher Ramona Bessinger said, “It is wrong. It is very wrong because kids glom onto various identities, especially at that middle school level. So, they are going to try different hats at that age. They may try purple hair and different funny things.”

In Canada, a father was jailed for calling his  biological female child his ‘daughter’. There are many such tragic cases.

It is not wrong to say that these toxic ideas are going to be imported and adopted by Indian people soon. These ideas should be resisted in order to protect children’s future. Some may take it easy and argue that this is just about showing movies about homosexuality to promote ‘inclusiveness’.

But, there are things that signify that this is part of a larger agenda to brainwash children into a disastrous ideology of gender identity politics. If it is imported in India, the repercussions will be dangerous.

Russian view on LGBT propaganda

Russian President Vladimir Putin opposed this scheme and called gender identity politics a ‘borderline crime against humanity’.

Vladimir Putin noted in a speech recently, “In the 1920s, Soviet culture-warriors invented a so-called ‘newspeak,’ believing that in this way they would create a new sense of consciousness and redefine people’s values, like when children are taught from an early age that a boy can easily become a girl and vice versa.

In fact, they are indoctrinating them into the alleged choices that are supposedly available to everyone – removing parents from the equation and forcing the child to make decisions that can ruin their lives.”

It is banned in Russia to promote LGBT propaganda. The President of Russia thinks that children should not be exposed to such material until they attain enough maturity. India should also think about this extremely sensible matter before adopting it.

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  1. It’s one of the globalists’ many strategies to divide us and keep us bickering with each other. It distracts us from looking at them and their villainous activities.

  2. Exsctly Lynnthima, its about confusion and identity obsession to opaque their blood sucking activities, this is all masonic crap from the sourcerers.

  3. Anyone advocating for such material to be shown in any public school, or to ANY children, …. should be trampled by a herd of raging elephants rather immediately. Just saying.

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    John Mann Labour MP.
    It is in the Jewish interest ,it is in humanities interest that whites experience a Genocide.Until White children are burned alive ,white women raped,mutilated,murdered and all white men who have not been slaughtered watch powerlessly as their people are terrorised :only then will mankind be on a more equal footing,ready to discuss white privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.
    Jewish Rabbi,Ishmael Levitts.
    ⁣⁣⁣White Genocide quotes https://ia800402.us.archive.org/1/items/TraitorQuotes/aaa33.png

  5. It is impossible to eradicate bigotry by using bigotry as a method of doing so. In order to have our global society, that is, humanity as a whole, more forward, we must look to the soul of the person and not the shell. In saying _______ group is ____________ or ________ is pure and simple idiocy. There is good and bad and all phases of each in between in all groups of humans. It is as Lynnthoma said, this is a globalist strategy. The very idea of getting us to fight with each other is only an effort on the behalf of the elitists to keep us in the dark and deprive us of the power that would come with unity.

  6. This should not be defined as X group encouraging Y group to perform public sexual acts. This gives those who oppose any sense of morality a platform on which to stand when advocating for a society in which complete debauchery is the norm. Any person or persons performing sexual acts in public is violating the rights of all those who wish to go out in public knowing they will not be subjected to such views of the personal sexuality of others. What is next? Will we encourage public defecation to show everyone that pooping is normal? Seriously folks, let’s have some mutual respect here. While it is true that just because a group of persons thinks something is offensive does not make it automatically wrong, it is something that should be taken into consideration. Like do not invite a PETA member over to help you butcher your animal. The analogies are endless but the bottom line is do not force others to become you at the price of forgoing their own self. A little mutual respect and common sense goes a long way in making for a better society.

  7. Jennifer Henderson But what to do when these people performing the acts, or those who hire them to do it, have no respect for anyone, or for themselves either and are now trying to infect and dement the minds of out children with their perversions at a young age ?? At some point kinetic rebellion will occur, because just letting it happen and continually get worse, Is Not The Answer !!!! Then again, I feel bad for the children and feel no respect for parents who would willingly take their children to such a display to begin with. It is Wiemar Republic in the 1930’s to be sure.

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  10. It seems like the times of Noah and the times of Lot are returning. No truth, no right and wrong, no morality and no restraints.

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