Which Games are Legal to Play in India?

The gambling laws and regulations surrounding gaming in India are a little confusing to say the least. That hasn’t stopped real growth in the industry though, with more people turning towards online gaming as a source of entertainment.

The game selection has improved dramatically, with a real focus on Indian games from some companies. This has given a platform to the likes of teen patti and andar bahar, and you can get real cash teen patti advice at luckydice.in.

But what about some of the big, popular worldwide games. Are these legal to play in India under the current laws and regulations? We take a look at two of the biggest games in the world here and see what is currently in place.


This is a game loved by millions all over the world, and because of that, we have seen a large number of online poker sites pop up. These offer regular gaming rooms and big tournaments for you to enter, where you can show your skill off. But where do Indian players stand when it comes to poker?

Well, if you wanted a clear answer, then unfortunately you won’t get one here. We have had two smaller courts both give opposite rulings on this game, with the supreme court following one of these but not conducting its own investigation.

Courts in Gujarat and Bombay have declared this game a game of chance, which makes it prohibited in India, this is what the supreme court has followed. Courts in Calcutta have decided that poker does not come under gambling laws, meaning it can be played.

The rise in popularity of events such as the World Series of Poker has given players all over the world the chance to dream they can play big money poker for a profession. To assist anyone from India wishing to do this, clarification is needed on the poker gaming laws, rather than the confusing status quo we have at the moment.


The game rummy is one that many people enjoy playing and although the rules and regulations around this game are a little easier to work out, there is still a little confusion. The supreme court has determined that rummy is a game of skill, and therefore it is permitted under gambling law.

However, this is solely based on the game itself, and not any gambling that is attached to it. This means those arranging the game should not make a profit, and games between players should not be played for stakes under any circumstances.

Over the past year, contact has been limited due to Covid-19 and for that reason, online rummy has seen a rise in popularity. Recently, the Kerala high court ruled that online rummy did not amount to gambling.

However, this may not be replicated elsewhere, and of course again, this is all based on the game being played with no side bets at all between any of the players taking part.

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