Pfizer CEO Paints Ideal Future Of Covid Vaccination

The CEO of Pfizer has tried to appease vaccine skeptics with an idea of Covid-19 booster shots only once a year – instead of every few months – all while attacking the most vocal anti-vaxxers as “criminals” who “profit from circulating misinformation.”

In a series of interviews with Israeli TV channels, Albert Bourla said it would “not be a good scenario” if people were to get boosters every four to five months. “What I’m hoping [is] that we will have a vaccine that you will have to do once a year,” he told Channel 12 news on Saturday.

Bourla argued that it is both easier to sell the idea and “easier for people to remember” if a vaccine is required only once per year, calling it “an ideal situation” from “a public health perspective.”

Once a year it is easier to convince people to do it

“We are looking to see if we can create a vaccine that covers Omicron and doesn’t forget the other variants and that could be a solution,” the CEO added, indicating that such a vaccine could be mass produced from March.

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In a separate interview with Channel 13 news, Bourla admitted there was a “sizable minority” of people who are hesitant to take the vaccine. Within this group, the pharma giant’s CEO – who earned over $21 million in 2020 alone – singled out “a tiny minority of people who profit from circulating misinformation,” fiercely attacking them as “criminals.”

Millions of people have died because of them, this small number of criminals

Amid the global spread of the Omicron variant, countries are increasingly recommending a fourth Covid-19 vaccine dose to “boost” the immune system.

Already one of the most vaccinated places in the world, Israel was among the first to approve the second booster, which according to early studies was found to be largely ineffective at preventing new infections. After fourth doses were introduced, Israel recorded its highest daily number of new Covid-19 cases this week.

Both the World Health Organization and the EU’s drug regulator, the European Medicines Agency, have previously cautioned against the over-use of boosters, though for different reasons. The WHO has called for a more even distribution of vaccine doses around the world, observing that some nations are moving ahead with third and fourth shots before many in poorer countries receive their first. The EMA, meanwhile, pointed to potential adverse effects of boosters, warning that repeated vaccinations in a short period of time could eventually result in “problems with immune response.”

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  1. Wow, even HE fell for the narrative that the unvaccinated are somehow a “risk”. The unvaccinated are only a risk to the unvaccinated, unless the vaccine doesn’t work in which case there’s no point in taking it anyways. The unvaccinated chose to be that way , and you don’t like them , so why do you care of they get each other sick? Variants don’t come from unvaccinated people. Variants need antibodies present to accellerate mutation.

  2. I’m still not convinced there is an emergency , what, with a recovery rate of 99.998%. That’s right, less than 1% are dying out of a population of 330,000,000, we have yet to see 1% of the nation dying. Call me when it reaches 3,000,000 dead in one year, okay, and that will only be 1%.

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