Over Half The Deaths Seen By This Funeral Director Were Caused By COVID Vaccines

Fifteen embalmers are all seeing odd fatal clotting in people that first started in 2021. As many as 65% of cases are affected. Just like the DMED data, this evidence is being totally ignored by the mainstream press and medical community as well as the CDC and other HHS agencies. The only explanation that fits all the facts is that the vaccines are killing Americans in massive numbers and should be immediately halted.

Over Half The Deaths Seen By This Funeral Director Were Caused By COVID Vaccines

Meet Richard Hirschman, an embalmer in Alabama with over 20 years experience

Richard Hirschman is a funeral director who spotted really strange clots in dead people after the vaccines rolled out. He was interviewed by Jane Ruby on the Stew Peters Show. At nearly 800,000 views on Rumble alone, his interview is one of the most popular episodes in Stew Peters Show history.

I was originally introduced to Richard via one of my contacts. Richard has been embalming people for more than 20 years. He lives in Alabama.

Here’s my 53 minute interview where we get into the profound implications of what Richard found: that the vaccines are likely killing around 65% of the cases he is seeing today. There is simply no other possible explanation that fits the evidence.

If you thought the COVID shots were safe and effective before the video, and you still have a working brain, I’m pretty sure this video will change your thinking because there is only one possible conclusion: the COVID vaccines are killing massive numbers of people and nobody is investigating.

Here are some of the most important things I learned from Richard:

  1. He started noticing the strange clots around May or June 2021. He’d never seen anything like it before in his life. However, he admits they could have started much earlier and he just never noticed them before because he was very busy.
  2. He is not aware of any cases where the strange clots were seen in unvaccinated cases (except for one unvaccinated person who received a transfusion)
  3. He started formally tracking the number of patients with the strange clots in late 2021.
  4. He says currently over 50% of the bodies he embalms have the strange clots which he uniquely associates with the vaccines/boosters. This is the bombshell. The CDC says deaths from the vaccine are 0% and this embalmer, who has no conflicts of interest, says it is now over 50% of the cases he sees. They can’t both be telling the truth. One of them is lying.
  5. In Jan 2022, 37 out of 57 (65% of all cases) had these suspicious clots. That’s huge.
  6. His embalming volume varies by day. Sometimes it is one a day, other days it can be up to 6 or 7. He estimates he does an average of 2 per day, which is over 600 bodies a year. So while these aren’t huge numbers, the numbers are large enough that it is unlikely that the effect they are seeing is just due to small numbers.
  7. He contracts out his services to a variety of funeral homes. In 2020, he’d see a lot of COVID deaths because other embalmers didn’t want to touch those cases. Richard is COVID recovered so he had no problem handling those cases. Now, however, that fear has greatly subsided so now he is seeing more of a representative sample (i.e., unbiased) of people who die. So his “over 50% of deaths” figure is only slightly exaggerated from an embalmer seeing an “unfiltered” set of people.
  8. Younger people tend to be cremated, so he won’t see those cases.
  9. His peers (he’s discussed with 15 of them) see the same thing he does but won’t speak out publicly. I see this in other areas such as school officials being afraid to reveal high rates of myocarditis in their schools. For example, Nikki Daniels, Head of School at Monte Vista Christian School, isn’t speaking out about the four myocarditis cases at their small private school (which translates into a rate of myocarditis that I’d estimate is more than 1 in 100).
  10. The mainstream media, mainstream medical community, and HHS agencies are all ignoring Hirschman and others like John Looney. Only alt-media has reached out to him to write an article.
  11. PolitiFact reached out to try to discredit him but ended up not writing an article presumably because they failed to find anything to attack him on.
  12. There is no other explanation for this that we can figure out. It pretty much has to be a novel injectable product, first used in 2021 that results in blood clots and is injected into well over 50% of the population. There is only one drug that fits that bill: the COVID vaccines.
  13. None of his embalmer friends who have seen the data are planning on getting any more COVID vaccine shots.
  14. Richard is not alone. See this compilation: People who would know.
  15. Fewer than 1% of people who get the shots will die. As Dr. Mike Yeadon points out in the comments below, whether you die or not is likely a combination of how well you “take up” and “replicate” the mRNA, how dangerous the batch is, and other factors.

Could it be caused by 5G?

A few people speculated it was caused by the 5G deployment in Alabama. No, that’s not it at all. Nothing has changed in the area around Hirschman. We checked.

Could these clots be caused by COVID?

The Politifact fact checker, Naseem Ferdowsi, has no medical experience at all. She sent a message on Feb 4, 2022 that she was told by an embalmer in Phoenix Arizona that “dark clots have been found in COVID victims long before vaccinations were available.”

There are several problems with hypothesis:

  1. The clots are white fibrous material (clearly the fact checker never actually viewed the video she was fact checking)
  2. The number of COVID deaths in Houston County where Richard works are miniscule. For example, the number of COVID deaths was 9 in January, yet Richard had 37 with these clots.
  3. The percentages do not make sense. Only a tiny fraction of all deaths in January are from COVID. If 65% of the deaths in Houston County in January 2022 were from COVID, that would be front page news.
  4. If these clots were caused by COVID, it’s highly likely someone would have spotted it before 2021 and done a similar video.
  5. Omicron has taken over as the dominant COVID variant in January across the country. Omicron doesn’t kill people. People die with Omicron, not from Omicron. Therefore, if it was COVID-related, the clots would be gone, not at an all-time high.

However, we all know what will happen, don’t we? I think we’ll soon see a PolitiFact article that these clots are caused by COVID.

Another clue that vaccinated people are dying at a higher rate than the unvaccinated

One commenter said “only 61% have received at least one of the jabs and 49% two jabs in AL.”

The implication is that you can’t have 65% of the deaths be from the jabs.

But that’s not true at all.

If 61% were vaccinated over all age groups, and the vaccine were completely safe, we’d expect that 61% of the people who died would be vaccinated.

Richard’s observation that 65% of the people who died had these clots simply means that the vaccine appears to be causing death at a higher rate than would be expected than if the vaccine was truly safe and effective.

The doubly jabbed are more likely to die so the bump from 49% expected to 65% suggests the jabs are killing people.

Estimating total number of people killed by the COVID vaccines from this data

Hirschman’s data is explosive because it establishes a relative proportion of people affected which we can then use to establish an absolute rate of death.

Is this definitive? No. It’s just another “sanity check” datapoint.

So let’s say the actual rate of vaccine-caused deaths is 40% of all deaths which is less than the 65% rate that Hirschman is seeing.

The CDC says around 65,000 people die a week. So that would be 26,000 people a week killed by the vaccine. He started noticing these deaths in May (they could have started sooner), so let’s just say it’s only been in the last 6 months to be conservative.

26 weeks *26,000 deaths/week=676,000 vaccine-related deaths.

That’s a lot of deaths. So you see why this observation is explosive.

Even if he’s off by 1000X, this vaccine is still too unsafe to be used in humans

But suppose Hirschman is mistaken by a factor of 1,000 and there were just 676 deaths. That makes these vaccines 3 times more deadly than the smallpox vaccine (which kills 1 in a million) and smallpox is deemed to be too unsafe to use.

So even under the most ridiculous assumptions, there is no other way to interpret this data than to conclude the vaccines are unsafe and should be stopped.

Nobody in mainstream media, academia, or HHS is interested in talking to Hirschman

With a 65% death rate, you’d think the CDC would be doing an active investigation on this to collect the data.

You’d also think that after his Jan 26 video, Hirschman would be contacted by the CDC, FDA, NIH, NY TimesCNNWashington Post, and so on, wouldn’t you?


Just the Stew Peters Show (Jane Ruby), the Epoch TimesPolitiFact, and Steve Kirsch’s Newsletter.

Nobody from mainstream academia reached out to him for tissue samples to analyze or to write up his results in a paper that could be submitted to a medical journal so that it could be documented.

What can I say? They just do not want to know.

In January 2022, 65% of his embalming cases had this “problem” but nobody wants to look at it. Nobody!

I’m not surprised. They don’t want to learn the truth about these “vaccines.” They all just want to tell America one side of the story and censor any evidence that goes against that narrative.

Comments from Dr. Mike Yeadon regarding the mechanism of action

When assessing causality, one of the key criteria is a plausible mechanism of action. Here you go from Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Steve, I wish I was shocked, but none of us with an understanding that these gene based agents prompt our bodies to manufacture virus spike protein in uncontrolled amounts & in uncontrolled anatomical locations expected spike protein to do what it does in quantity: prompt blood to coagulate.

I’ve received the results of an informal survey conducted on behalf of a financial advisor to their client list. Questions included whether clients or their family members know someone who’s become very ill or died after vaccination & something like 2/3rds of respondents says they did. The results were sent to me to reinforce how commonplace these injuries & deaths are.

I personally know of four deaths and twice as many serious, not yet fatal illnesses after c19 “vaccinations”.

I know indirectly of two who were said to have been covid19 deaths. One was in their 80s & frail and the other, in their 60s, was living with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

Steve Kirsch is an author, Executive Director at Vaccine Safety Research Foundation. He writes about COVID vaccine safety and efficacy, corruption, censorship, mandates, masking, and early treatments. This article was originally published on Steve Kirsch’s Substack.

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