From Mercedes To Maruti To Motorcycle: How Amritpal Singh Escaped

According to footage, Amritpal Singh escaped in a Mercedes SUV that he dumped by a road in Shahkot, changed to a Maruti, and finally a motorcycle.

Khalistani leader Amritpal Singh, who has dodged thousands of policemen for four days in a dramatic hunt across Punjab, has been caught in security footage during different stages of his escape.

In footage exclusively accessed by NDTV, Amritpal Singh is seen exiting a car and hightailing it on a bike.

The 30-year-old radical preacher is also seen in a clip from a toll booth in Jalandhar at around 11.27 am on Saturday, the day the Punjab police launched its operation to arrest him. He is in the front seat of a Maruti Brezza car.

Before this, Amritpal Singh had been spotted in a Mercedes SUV that he dumped by a road in Shahkot. Hours later, he switched to the Brezza of an associate, sources say. He apparently changed his clothes in the car, as the footage shows him in a shirt instead of his usual flowing robes.

He swapped his religious clothes for shirt and trousers and changed from a blue to a pink turban.

Another clip shows him leaving the car and making his getaway along with three aides in two bikes. This changeover takes place on a road by a lush green field.

The interviews Amritpal Singh gave as part of his speeches supporting demands for Khalistan, an independent state for Sikhs, and his recent storming of a police station in Punjab in February explain why the Punjab Police are chasing him.

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