French Police Involved In Massive Forgery Scam

Investigators from the Sub-Directorate for Combating Irregular Migration arrested French police officers involved in a massive forgery scam.

Authorities in France have arrested and charged eight individuals, including two police officers, believed to have been a part of an elaborate forgery scheme that helped hundreds of illegal migrants obtain official French residence permits.

After having operated for roughly two years, the tight-knit network’s scheme was finally brought to an end on Monday, June 5th when investigators from the Sub-Directorate for Combating Irregular Migration (SDLII) raided numerous residences and locations relevant to the case, arresting the suspects and seizing fake identity documents, state-of-the-art laser printers, loads of cash, computers, and other tools of the trade, the French news outlet TF1 INFO reports. 

The arrests, which took place throughout the Paris region, came following a year-long investigation by a specialized police unit. Upon facing a judge, the arrestees, seven men and women aged 21-55, were charged with use of forgery in writing, forgery and use of forgery in an administrative document, and aiding the irregular entry and stay of foreigners on French territory. 

In exchange for an average sum of €15,000 in cash, illegal immigrants were given a kit that provided them everything they needed to “access the right to reside in France, completely illegally,” as the French news outlet put it. The network provided them with false identity documents—passports, identity cards, driver’s licenses, payslips, tax notices, medical prescriptions, and employment contracts—from various European countries whose official documents are easier to reproduce than those made in France.

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The FBI has issued a public service announcement warning about sextortion scams that utilize ‘deepfakes’.

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