Why The Freedom Convoy Is Provoking Unprecedented Hysteria

It has been evident that the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers and their supporters, which began marching in Ottawa weeks ago to demand an end to all pandemic-related rules and restrictions across the country, is not like most protest groups. And that’s a frightening prospect for those in power who believed they could handle and exploit the issue according to their own time and schedule, regardless of the science or situation on the ground.

Why The Freedom Convoy Is Provoking Unprecedented Hysteria

There has long been a plan to inadvertently ensnare as many people into a worldwide mass surveillance as possible through technological adoption. That’s what whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations about the National Security Agency in 2013 were all about. As the state follows the self-serving agenda of a chosen few, a technological surveillance state allows those in command to watch and eventually control or sanction rebels or misfits.

Algorithms that take advantage of the state’s vast online presence allow it to precisely design propaganda to condemn them in the eyes of the general public while showing the state as the great defender, all the while selling people out towards the interests of a small group of elites. People are essentially led to argue against their own interests.

The dread of terrorism or Covid-19 more actively encouraged people who were not lured by the sheer ease of technology or the narcissistic seduction of social media into these mass surveillance . And that was before government-issued QR code health and immunization passes connected directly to your identity made it mandatory.

And now a group of truckers realized that authoritarianism was closer than it appeared in their rearview mirrors in Canada and abroad. And until officials stopped treating vital liberties like they were negotiable, they decided to park their vital instruments.

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The Canadian mainstream media is so devoid of truly contradicting discussion and diversity of opinion and this has caused protests which risks igniting a new wave of awareness among those who had been force-fed government propaganda. People has begun to wonder why their posse had been triple-jabbed and was still catching the virus. They were undoubtedly beginning to doubt the true value of the sacrifices they had been compelled to make by the government in the name of safety over the previous two years.

Unlike the hired campaigners or troublemakers that we saw so far regular people with legitimate occupations — and ‘essential’ ones, as the governments have previously commended has started coming forward. This distinguishes truckers from Black Lives Matters, Antifa, and French Yellow Vest demonstrators and it’s for this reason that the rhetorical big guns are now being used against them. By insisting that things return to the state it was before authorities began using the outbreak as a tool, truckers might derail any plan to use the catastrophe to achieve globalist goals. This would be particularly true if the Freedom Convoy movement became global, as it is starting to do. Convoys departing from several locations in France, are supposedly planned to arrive in Paris on February 11th.

Mark Carney, a dual resident of Ottawa and Globalistan recently wrote an editorial piece on the former governors of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England in Globe and Mail, “[B)y now anyone sending money to the convoy should be in no doubt: You are funding sedition. Foreign funders of an insurrection interfered in our domestic affairs from the start. Canadian authorities should take every step within the law to identify and thoroughly punish them. The involvement of foreign governments and any officials connected to them should be identified, exposed and addressed.”

Environmental protests have raged previously in Canada for the hindrance of the country’s future energy independence, and which have been supported by US-based think-tanks financially backed by United states business interests closely connected to Washington elites but all this appear to have escaped Carney’s notice or interest — truckers do not require ‘foreign funding.’ They have legitimate jobs that pay handsomely.

Given his renowned experience as a money expert, you’d assume he’d know. But best of luck trying to find a scapegoat by relying on the overused ‘foreign bogeyman’ cliché. Now Carney is showing concern about the ‘occupation’of the demonstrators, who are just fighting the government for the past two years because of obstruction caused by them to the lives of the people . And an extra L-O-L for his attempt to depict rallies for basic freedoms as an attempt to usurp Canada’s government. Before he passes out, perhaps someone could give him a paper bag?

“More than 100 Highway Traffic Act and other ‘Provincial Offence Notices’ were issued for offenses including excessive honking, driving the wrong way, defective muffler, no seat belt, alcohol readily available and having the improper class of driving license,” according to a Fox News report. This is what’s actually happening there right now.

You know what they say, right? Isn’t it true that every hardcore coup d’état begins with a seat belt violation?

Meanwhile, US Homeland Security issued an alert on February 7 equating terrorism with “the proliferation of false or misleading narratives, which sow discord or undermine public trust in US government institutions,” ostensibly in an attempt to fend off any future backlash against its own unpopular agenda. Is protest against every government-approved narrative about the pandemic and associated liberticidal actions included in this?

The premiers of two Canadian provinces — Alberta and Saskatchewan — declared on February 7 that restrictions, mandates, and ‘vaccine passports’ will be lifted.

The rest of the world now risks these trucker movements gaining traction before the regulations and requirements can be fully implemented, allowing for the full deployment of a long-term tracking and surveillance system capable of monitoring political backlash to government lunacy.

The truckers vs. globalists rally is underway! And it’s all for the sake of democracy and freedom.

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  1. Like our forefathers revolution, this one is coming. We must be as ready as we can be. When their brains, bones, flesh and hair go flying after 50 caliber snipers’ bullets justice will be served.

  2. It’s not a COVID pandemic, but rather a pandemic of mediocre bureaucracy trying to implement a mediocre utopian vision of world control. There are people involved — use their intelligence and initiative rather than trying to regiment them and set boundaries. True leaders do this, but true leaders avoid the globalist strategy like the plague.

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