Former Meta Employee Shares How She Was Paid Rs 1.5 Crore Salary ‘To Do Nothing’

In a Daily Mail report, former Meta employee Madelyn Machado shared how she was paid Rs 1.5 crore in salary “to do nothing.”

A Meta employee recently revealed that she barely had anything to do during her six-month stint at the company while raking in an annual salary of $190,000 (about Rs 1.5 crore).

Madelyn Machado, a former recruiter at Meta, went viral on TikTok after she described how the staff had nothing to do, especially in the recruiting space. In the video titled ‘Getting paid $190K to do nothing at Meta,’ she informed her viewers that the tech giant’s approach to work ‘blew my mind’ and she “didn’t do sh**” during her six-month stint at the company, Daily Mail reported.

Machado explained that despite being a recruiter or an HR staffer, she was told by her bosses she wasn’t expected to do that during her initial months at Meta. “We weren’t expected to hire anybody for the first six months, even the first year. This is something they tell you when you start,” she said in the video.

But, Machado’s plans to “ride this out for a year” did not work out as she worked for the tech giant from September 2021 until February 2022 according to her LinkedIn profile.

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