Former Employee Of French Embassy In India Who Forged Tens Of Visas Escapes Country

A former French Embassy in India employee who allegedly issued visas to hundreds of people by using fake documents and without authorisation has escaped the country.

According to the Indian Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the former French Embassy employee issued visas by using forged documents without the knowledge or approval from the embassy visa department head from January 1, 2022, to May 6, 2022, reports.

The Times of India explains that during the above-mentioned period, the former employee dealt with around 324 files relating to visa requests. The same noted he issued visas using forged documents for his parents too.

As soon as the CBI found out that the former employee was involved in such illegal activities, they opened a case and started investigating the matter. However, the former employee escaped India before the authorities were able to take measures against him.

Despite the CBI not being able to investigate the former French Embassy employee, they were able to seize the passports of his parents. Once the authorities had the passports of the parents of the former employee, they checked them thoroughly and found out that the visa stickers were real.

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Moreover, the authorities found out that the visas of the former employee’s parents were valid for a period of five years – from January 3, 2022, until January 2, 2027 – and authorised for multiple entries into the Schengen Area.

More than 700 Indian students are facing deportation from Canada after the authorities in the North American country found their ‘admission offer letters’ to educational institutions to be fake. They received the deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) recently.

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