FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago

The FBI had a mole inside Trump’s resort Mar-a-Lago. The former president’s son asserted that President Biden had given the raid his approval.

FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report 1

In Mar-a-Lago, the FBI allegedly had a “confidential human source” (a mole) who was “able to identify what classified documents former President Trump was still hiding and even the location of those documents,” according to Newsweek.

More information regarding the FBI raid on the Trumps’ Mar-a-Lago property on Monday has come to light.

To begin with, according to Eric Trump’s statement to the Daily Mail, “the 30 agents who arrived at the property asked staff to turn security cameras off – and to kick their lawyer off the property, but they refused.”

“They told our lawyer… you have to leave the property right now. Turn off all security cameras.”

And Eric stated “They would not give her the search warrant,” adding “So they showed it to her from about 10 feet away. They would not give her a copy of the search warrant.”

Additionally, he claimed that FBI investigators searched Melania Trump’s wardrobe and that they used safe crackers to open his father’s safe.

FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report 1

The former president’s son asserted that President Biden had given the raid his approval, saying, “It’s all a coordinated attack with the FBI.”

“Do you think that the FBI director is going to raid the former president’s house, especially a house as you know, kind of world renowned as Mar Lago is in a place as public as Mar Lago is without getting the approval of President [Biden]?”

By not turning off the security cameras, Eric said they saw the FBI raiding areas of the property that they ‘shouldn’t have been.’

Donald Trump lamented Wednesday that the FBI blocked his lawyers from the property during the raid at his Palm Beach, Florida residence and suggested that agents may have ‘planted’ evidence. -Daily Mail

Meanwhile, Donald Trump implied that the FBI might have fabricated evidence in a post on his Truth Social page on Wednesday.

FBI Had Mole Inside Mar-A-Lago: Report 3

“The FBI and others from the Federal Government would not let anyone, including my lawyers, be anywhere near the areas that were rummaged and otherwise looked at during the raid on Mar-a-Lago,” he wrote. “Everyone was asked to leave the premises, they wanted to be left alone, without any witnesses to see what they were doing, taking or, hopefully not, ‘planting,'” he added.

About a dozen FBI agents arrived at the Trump-owned resort at 9 a.m. on Monday and left with “a handful of boxes of documents,” according to Trump spokeswoman Christina Bobb. She added that she was present when the FBI entered the building but claimed she was unable to oversee the search because they would not allow anyone to watch what they were doing.

According to Bobb, FBI investigators were searching for “what they deemed to be presidential records.” “I don’t think there was anything of substance.”


The former president’s Florida property was to be searched according to a warrant that Florida federal magistrate judge Bruce Reinhart granted.

Before switching to represent the staff of convicted sex trafficker and wealthy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein in 2008, Reinhart was a federal prosecutor. Epstein’s pilots, a scheduler, and other staff were hired.

A day after FBI Director Christopher Wray went before the Senate Judiciary Committee and was challenged about accusations made by whistleblowers that his agency was becoming more and more politicized, a search warrant for Mar-a-Lago was granted on August 5. Although flight records showed that Wray utilized an FBI jet to travel on a vacation in Upstate New York, the New York Post reported that Wray had to end the interrogation because he needed to leave.

15 boxes that the National Archives said held presidential materials were transferred from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives in mid-January thanks to arrangements made by the National Archives and Records Administration. When Trump left office in January 2021, the papers were supposed to be transferred in accordance with the Presidential Records Act, and the institution claimed in a statement at the time that some of the boxes held classified material.

The warrant was eventually shown to Bobb after the agents originally refused. But according to Bobb, the agents wouldn’t let any of the former president’s aides supervise the search. The reason for the search is still kept secret. Trump’s legal team intends to request that the search warrant affidavit, which would specify why, be made public to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida.

Both the bureau and Attorney General Merrick Garland have made no public statements regarding the raid, which has prompted inquiries and criticism from Democratic leaders.

Former governor Andrew Cuomo, a steadfast critic of Trump, wrote on Twitter on Tuesday that the Department of Justice “must immediately explain the reason for its raid & it must be more than a search for inconsequential archives or it will be viewed as a political tactic and undermine any future credible investigation & legitimacy of January 6 investigations.”

The former Democrat governor of New York continued, “DOJ must disclose the bona fide nature of the August 8 action or else the republicans will use it to Discredit the Jan 6 investigation, which would be a terrible disservice to the good work of the house committee in exposing The Trump administration violations.”  Last year, charges that Cuomo had improper conduct with staff led to his resignation. Cuomo has unequivocally refuted these claims.

Republicans also expressed worry about the raid in a similar manner.

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) commented on Tuesday about the Monday search: “Last night’s raid on the home of a former U.S. president without explanation will only further erode confidence in the FBI and the Justice Department.”

“I reiterated these concerns to Director Wray today,” he continued. “If the FBI isn’t extraordinarily transparent about its justification for yesterday’s actions and committed to rooting out political bias that has infected their most sensitive investigations, they will have sealed their own fate. The FBI’s mission and the many patriotic agents who work hard to carry it out will be forever overshadowed by the distrust the bureau has sown.”

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  1. Did they really have a mole inside Trump’s resort home of are they just saying this to instill fear in all of us to say “we’re watching you”
    Either is possible but the fear factor is what counts; and for them it works.
    But it only works IF we give a damn, right???
    My advice: screw them! Fear is subjective and I don’t give a damn. I have Yeshua on my side.

  2. Gee, I remember when Trump was called crazy by the Democrats and corporate media when he claimed that his presidential transition team was being spyed on (he was correct). That was nothing compared to the tyranny that he and his family are having to endure now. We are now living in Hitlerian Germany and Stalinist Russia.

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