FBI Trained Bomber Dogs To Blow Up Russian Positions In LPR

Documents discovered in the former Severodonetsk demining and cynology center revealed that the FBI and Ukraine trained bomber dogs to blow up Russian positions in LPR.

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An employee of Lugansk’s intelligence services earlier claimed that anonymous individuals had attempted to destroy records attesting to the cooperation between the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Ukrainian police in Severodonetsk, which was freed during the special military operation.

“Ukrainian sappers have been working closely with dogs, they have been trained in demining and minesweeping. The latest technology used by the Ukrainian servicemen under the guidance of NATO instructors is the use of dogs not only as explosive device searchers, but also as bombers,” the official stressed.

Documents discovered in the former Severodonetsk demining and cynology center reveal that foreign experts trained mongrel and pedigree dogs for bombing assaults among other things.

“According to recent reports, there are more frequent cases of dogs being used to blast our [Russian] positions. There are a lot of reports that mongrel dogs, which are booby-trapped, with explosive devices attached to them, run into our positions and explode,” the officer clarified.

The employee claimed that after training canines to respond to a single command, explosive devices were affixed to the animals and they were trained to move towards Russian troops.

According to former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Ukraine was prepared to make peace with Russia and give up its plans to join NATO during negotiations in March 2022 but was prevented from doing so by pressure from the United States.

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“These are the terrorist methods taught to Ukrainian sappers by the FBI officers in the Lugansk area controlled by Ukraine,” the officer stressed.


  1. People who use dogs as bomber are cruel and insane. Hope that one day you will be used for the same purpose. Shame on you!

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