Fastest Growing Jobs In 2024

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024, the fastest-growing jobs in 2024 will be AI and machine learning specialists and sustainability specialists.

Fastest Growing Jobs In 2024 1

AI advancements and the demand for a more environmentally friendly future are upending employment in a variety of industries, with many roles becoming less relevant while others expand.

This topic is covered in the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2024, which shows which jobs are most likely to grow over the next five years in terms of both the actual number of employed people and the relative increase in jobs that exist in particular fields between 2023 and 2027. Predictions based on survey respondents and labor-market statistics from the ILO are used to make these projections.

These forecasts suggest that, as Statista’s Anna Fleck explains below, for people seeking job security shortly, being an AI and machine learning specialist would be a good choice.

According to the WEF estimate, there will be approximately one million additional jobs in this field by 2027, representing a 40 percent growth. This graph illustrates the general utility of analytical talents, whether one chooses to work as a data analyst, information security analyst, or business intelligence analyst. Sustainability-related roles will also be significant; rank 2 includes the position of Sustainability Specialist.

According to information from the World Economic Forum’s annual survey of world leaders, 2024 will be the world’s biggest election year and will have severe geopolitical threats, with extreme weather being the most severe threat.

However, in terms of absolute growth, it is anticipated that during the next five years, drivers of large trucks and buses, instructors of vocational education, and operators of agricultural equipment will witness the biggest gains.

Fastest Growing Jobs In 2024 2

On the other side, it’s believed that workers in data entry, administrative, and executive secretarial roles as well as accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll clerks lose the most jobs.

In the 2023 Future of Jobs report, WEF experts forecast that over half of all forecasted job elimination in that period will come from these last three roles.

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