President Of Spanish Pharma Giant Charged For Faking His Own COVID Vaccine Certificate

COVID vaccinations have been linked to more heart issues in young men than the virus itself. Now, the President of a Spanish pharma giant has been charged for faking his own COVID vaccine certificate.

President Of Spanish Pharma Giant Charged For Faking His Own COVID Vaccine Certificate

The president of the Iberian pharmaceutical conglomerate PharmaMar has been named as one of almost 2,000 people charged by Spanish authorities with purchasing fraudulent COVID-19 jab documentation in order to seem “vaccinated” against the virus without actually receiving the injection.

José Mara Fernández Sousa-Faro, founder and president of PharmaMar, one of Spain’s leading pharmaceutical businesses, has been named by Spanish police as having paid a criminal network generating digitally altered coronavirus “vaccine” certificates to have his name included to the National Immunization Registry, reports Spanish newspaper El Periódico de España.

A nationwide police investigation known as Operation Jenner found the names of almost 2,200 individuals on the National Immunization Registry, featuring celebrities and European elites, who had paid to have their identities on the official record despite not having taken the vaccinations. Sousa-Faro, 76, was among others who obtained their third dose of the vaccines, including Australian tennis player Lex de Miaur and Spanish musician Omar Montes, according to El Mundo.

The organization had been active from roughly September 2021 until January of this year, according to Operation Jenner. The operation was also accountable for the discovery of a similar network in the European Union, which resulted in the arrest of 15 people who were demanding money in exchange for their name being placed on the National Immunization Registry.

According to reports, the criminal network collected increasing fees based on how many doses of the shots one individual sought to be labeled as having obtained.

According to the influential Spanish newspaper ABC, Sousa-Faro paid the group about 1,000 and 2,000 euros ($1070–$2140) to feature in the database with three photographs, earning him the COVID card for travel and other related “freedoms.” He allegedly organized for saline injections, according to police.

The fraudulent certification operation was led by a nursing assistant at Madrid’s La Paz University Hospital. He was detained in April of this year and is suspected of obtaining more than 200,000 euros through the illegal registration of over 2,200 individuals in the COVID vaccine registry.

Sousa-Faro, who is also a biochemistry professor at the Complutense and Santiago de Compostela Universities and holds a business management degree from the IESE in Madrid, has yet to be summoned by the courts.

COVID vaccinations have been linked to more heart issues in young men than the virus itself, according to reports, and new research from Denmark indicates that the COVID shots may be fatal for up to 1 in 4,000 people.

In response to Sousa-Faro’s role in fake COVID jab registration whilst still operating a large pharmaceutical company, vaccine safety researcher Steve Kirsch questioned, “Why would the chief executive of a very large pharma company in Spain pay a huge fee (it was set based on ability to pay) and risk a long prison sentence to avoid taking a perfectly safe vaccine that will keep him from dying from COVID?”

Kirsch speculated that he wished to “avoid dying from the vaccine.”

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  1. If we knew the truth, there are many politicians and other so-called elites here in the U.S. who have likewise faked the shots by taking saline solution jabs. They know the lack of effectiveness and dangers of the toxic mNRA, but do not wish to interrupt the money train for this drug. The pharmaceutical industry, or drug pushers for real, spend more money on advertising and bribes to politicians than everyone else combined. The news that the head of Spain’s drug company faked the shot should be broadcast around the world so folks can see the ongoing scam that is being perpetrated.

  2. OH ! say it ain’t so, joe. ……..Saint Fauci and friends could never ever tell a lie! …. …. shalom

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