Facebook Meta Manager Fired After Being Caught On Tape In Child Sex Sting

Predator Catchers Indianapolis (PCI) apparently lured Facebook Meta manager into a child sex sting and he was later fired after it was caught on tape.

Facebook Meta Manager Fired After Being Caught On Tape In Child Sex Sting

After an Indiana-based watchdog group allegedly enticed him to a false sex meetup with a nonexistent minor victim, Facebook parent company Meta sacked former manager of community engagement Jeren Andrew Miles.

Predator Catchers Indianapolis (PCI) apparently lured Miles, 35, to the Le Meridien Columbus hotel in Ohio over a sexually graphic text chat with someone he mistook for a 13-year-old boy, according to journalist Andy Ngo. [CONTENT WARNING for potentially unpleasant language]:

Watch the video below

PCI’s Eric Schmutte told Ngo that the evidence the group has acquired is being sent to Columbus police as well as police in Miles’ alleged birthplace of Palm Springs, California.

In the video, Miles says, “I was flirting, I was talking to him.” He may be seen dismissing “any intention of meeting up with him” at first, only to subsequently admit that “I gave a location.”

Miles has also served on the board of the LGBT group Equality California. Although it did so as late as February 5, the group no longer labels him as one on its website.

Last year, prosecutor Jeffrey Chalfant of Seymour, Indiana, expressed dissatisfaction of PCI’s operations, saying that his office “will not file criminal cases based on investigations conducted by vigilantes.” In this case, however, the proof provided by PCI was sufficient for Meta to terminate relations with Miles.

This isn’t the first time Facebook has received bad press as a result of sexual offences. Last year, the social media company was sued for failing to prevent sex traffickers from using its platform.

A company spokeswoman told the Daily Caller, “The seriousness of these allegations cannot be overstated.” “The individual is no longer employed with the company. We are actively investigating this situation and cannot provide further comment at this time.”

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