US Approves First Eye Drop That Can Eliminate The Need For Reading Glasses

US has approved the first eye drop that can eliminate the need for reading glasses. Presbyopia patients with mild to intermediate presbyopia may be prescribed the drops.

US Approves First Eye Drop That Can Eliminate The Need For Reading Glasses

When you were a child, you probably noticed your grandparents wearing reading glasses, especially when they were browsing the morning newspaper. Our eyes get less flexible as we age, and the lens starts to have trouble becoming more rounded. Presbyopia, an eye ailment that normally develops after the age of 40, occurs during this time. At a reading distance, you will have a hard time focusing and eventually require reading glasses. Presbyopia affects over 1.8 billion people worldwide, making it highly widespread, reports Times of India.

Are eye drops a suitable substitute for reading glasses?

The first eye drop to enhance aging-related near vision has recently received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. You can use the eye drop solution called Vuity to improve your eyesight throughout the day and stop carrying around reading glasses. The drop works best in individuals between the ages of 40 and 55 who have trouble seeing well enough to complete daily tasks like reading a phone or computer screen.

How it works

It is advised to put one drop into each eye once a day. After application, the drops begin to operate within 15 minutes, and their benefits persist for roughly six hours.

Vuity is a version of the popular medication pilocarpine. Technology was developed by researchers to enable the eye drop to quickly adapt to the pH of the tear film. The capacity of human eyes to constrict their pupils is used by vuity, which enhances near- and intermediate vision while maintaining distance vision.

Each prescription lasts around 30 days, and after 30 days of use, the drop’s efficacy increases.

Clinical trial results of the eye drops

The participants in two presbyopia-afflicted randomized clinical studies ranged in age from 40 to 55 and were made up of 750 individuals. The new eye drops were given to half of the participants, while the other half received placebo eye drops.

One eye drop of VUITY or a placebo was administered once daily to each participant’s eye. The medication started working in about 15 minutes, and the improved vision lasted for 6 to 10 hours.

In either of the clinical investigations, the researchers did not note any significant side effects. Mild headaches and red eyes were the most typical side effects. The usage of eye drops may also cause people to experience brief difficulties changing their focus.

Who all can use it?

Presbyopia patients with mild to intermediate presbyopia may be prescribed the drops. Unfortunately, around age 65, the eye drops lose some of their effectiveness as a result of continued aging. Vuity eye drops come with a 30-day prescription and cost around $79.

It is significant to remember that using the drops while driving at night or performing other activities in poor light is not advised. Follow the appropriate dose when using it since people who are nearsighted are more likely to experience retinal detachments at larger doses.

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