EXPOSED: GBI Strategies LLC – Involved In Election Crimes

GBI Strategies LLC, the entity associated with the suppressed police report in Michigan predating the 2020 Election, exhibits a flow of multiple millions through its financial records, yet it claims a residential address as its official headquarters.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes

On October 8, 2020, an individual deposited a batch of around 8,000 to 10,000 fully completed voter registration applications in Muskegon, Michigan—an event that was unmistakably observed by City Clerk Ann Meisch.

After examining the voter applications, the following findings emerged:

  • Several forms seemed to have been filled out by the same person.
  • Multiple forms contained inaccurate or nonexistent addresses.
  • Errors were present in the provided phone numbers.
  • Signatures displayed inconsistencies.

On October 16, the Muskegon Police Department was contacted to initiate an investigation.

Subsequently, on October 20, the same individual submitted an additional 2,500 forms.

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The intervention of Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel’s Office occurred on October 21. Two members from AG Dana Nessel’s Criminal Investigation Division were assigned to oversee the process. Strangely, however, she never made any public mention of the investigation.

Michigan State Police also joined the effort, with an assigned investigator conversing with the female suspect. The suspect revealed that she was receiving a weekly payment of $1150 “to find unregistered voters and provide them with a form so they can get registered to vote or obtain their absentee ballot”.

Following weeks of meticulous documentation and investigation, the Michigan police handed the case over to the FBI. Remarkably, the FBI chose to conceal the findings promptly after assuming control of the investigation.

The report identified the entity ‘GBI Strategies‘ as the orchestrator of the plan. GBI Strategies LLC:

  • holds affiliations with the Biden campaign and several Democratic campaign committees.
  • commenced its operations in 2014.
  • received a payment of $1,571,386 from the Doug Jones for Senate campaign in 2018.

This organization had divisions spanning across the country.

‘GBI Strategies’ was implicated in what the report indicates as extensive and systematic voter fraud occurring in various areas within the state.

During their investigation at a specific Michigan location (Southfield), the police discovered:

  • Voter registration forms that were partially filled out.
  • A collection of “pelican cases in the room with semi-automatic rifles joined with suppressors, optics and customized pistols.”
  • A case holding “4 rifles and 4 pistols.”
  • A multitude of “new phones” and a substantial quantity of “pre-paid payment cards.”

According to Michigan State Senator Ruth Johnson, a former Secretary of State:

“My estimate is over 800,000 ballot applications were sent to non-qualified voters in Michigan, including many individuals who moved or died, and even some individuals who were underage or non-citizens. Many were sent to people who had moved out of state.”

Gary Bell oversees GBI Strategies LLC, a left-leaning campaign consulting firm, with a mailing address in Alexandria, Virginia. A quick online search also reveals that GBI Strategies, LLC, is registered in Tennessee. Despite an impressive professional background, Gary Bell maintains a limited online presence and a discreet profile.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 2

Compmo Group has indicated that Gary Bell oversees a network of over 70 “organizing operations” spread across 20 states, while also providing logistical and consulting assistance to another 7 states. Bell’s affiliations extend to a diverse array of far-left political organizations, including the DSCC, DNC, Black PAC, IBEW, and SEIU, among others.

A query conducted verifies that Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings (read below) reveal far-left Black PAC groups paid GBI Strategies a total of $11,254,919 in 2020.

Further anomalies concerning GBI Strategies LLC were documented in this report. At present, GBI Strategies LLC is actively recruiting personnel. A review of Job Searcher indicates that there are currently multiple job openings within GBI Strategies, spanning various locations across the United States.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 3

Edwin Pierre, as stated on his LinkedIn profile, was employed by GBI Strategies LLC in Flint, Michigan, during the 2020 Election. He appears to continue serving as a Regional Manager at the company.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 4

According to a business source, GBI Strategies LLC is purportedly situated at 8241 Floral Spring Dr., Cordova, Tennessee (outside Memphis). The listed owner is Gary Bell Cossett.

Investigating the Cordova, Tennessee, location reveals a residence with two white vans parked in the front. It’s worth noting that white vans were identified on Election Night in Detroit, transporting boxes of ballots that were unloaded beneath the election center well after polls had closed. While these white vans appear distinct, the presence of two such vans raises questions about their purpose at this location.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 5

Notably, GBI Logistics LLC also operates at 8241 Floral Spring Dr., Cordova, Tennessee. This entity reports one operational truck. The address for this company points to Cordova, Tennessee, with a mailing address at 5809 Fifer Dr, Alexandria, VA 22303-1916.

The duplex property at 5809 Fifer Dr., built in 1950, spans 896 square feet and contains two units. Gary Bell is linked to this address, along with 40 other individuals.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 6

This duplex address matches the address used by GBI Strategies when Black PAC reported expenditures to GBI Strategies LLC.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 7

Additional insights and inquiries into GBI Strategies LLC continue to surface. Records from the state of Tennessee indicate that GBI Strategies LLC was dissolved as a registered entity in 2017.

Former Serb politician Srjdan Nogo has unloaded on the entire theft of the 2020 election, as Serbia is where much of it took place. Dominion Voting Systems has numerous connections to the Democratic Party in the USA, as revealed by the politician in the eye-opening interview video.

GBI Strategies LLC - Involved In Election Crimes 8

As our knowledge about GBI Strategies LLC expands, so does the number of unanswered questions surrounding it.

Read the document below:

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  1. Great reporting from GGI! I’m from PA, where vote “irregularities” are built into the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia Democratic machines. The GOP will always be the party of an Old South restricted franchise. The Dems’ election strategy is best pictured as revelers riding a beer truck from poll to poll (“Vote early, vote often!”). That’s not to say neither of George W.’s wins was “stolen.” But too many vested interests ABHORRED Trump in 2020. Thus no U.S. court has touched that election.

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